God Save the Child - Spenser for Hire

Spenser is still 37 in this book but has learned quite a bit about wine in the past 8 months or so. Where before he was glugging bourbon left, right and center, this time he is much more discerning about what he drinks.

This has got to be one of my favorite books as far as his strange wine references go. We knew in Book 1 that he was only drinking light, fruity whites. So his taste buds hadn't gotten used to drinking red wines and tannins. So, perhaps to no great surprise, he puts a bottle of red wine in an ice-packed ice bucket. He says that he does this even though he knows this is bad for the wine. He claims he likes the taste - really this KILLS the taste of the wine meaning he normally can't tolerate the tannins in a red wine. Or he's serving them at 80F thinking that is room temperature instead of 50F which is the GOOD serving temperature for a red wine. When the French say "room temperature" they mean in a cold French house.

Anyway, when serving it to Susan he jokes, saying "A self effacing little domestic red with just a hint of presumption". When she says she likes the wine ice cold too he asks her to elope. We'll see later in the series that they learn how to serve reds at the proper temperature - and that they love them that way.

Also during their two-Champagne-bottle first night together, Susan says, "I thought you had to pop it and make a mark in the ceiling and spill some on the rug." Spenser replies, "That's for tourists." Which is completely right - a well opened Champagne bottle will sigh softly, saving all the precious bubbles! He brought a bottle of Dom Perignon - the high end from the Moet & Chandon winery. She had a bottle of Mumm waiting, another French offering.

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Finally, when they get around to food afterwards, they have some Beaujolais which is a very light, fruity red.

Spenser for Hire and Wine

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