Chance - Spenser for Hire

Whenever I think of Champagne, I tend to think of Hawk. In all 20 years of Spenser for Hire books, it's always Hawk that's sipping Krug while the bad guys reveal their plans. Spenser himself has gone from drinking red wine from the fridge to examining various beer options. He's a great chef, but until recently he's shied from wine.

With my recent trip to Vegas being planned, I decided to listen again to the Chance book - the recent story in which Spenser, Hawk and Susan chase down the bad guys on the strip. Anthony, a gambler with a 'system', stays at the Mirage, with its volcano and sylvan surroundings. Marty, another bad guy, stays at the MGM Grand, that collosus of green and gold.

By this point in the series, Spenser has become more of a wine lover, and it shows. Although he is initially offered beer & whiskey by his local gambling contact, Hawk casually asks for some Krug '86 after they run Marty out of a bar.

The next wine scene has Spenser trying to get information from the ditsy wife of the missing gambler, Anthony. She wants "Wine". When prodded, she wants "white wine". Spenser orders them a Sterling Sauvignon Blanc to go with their salad and chicken pollard. The wife manages to drink two bottles before passing out.

Susan's found drinking some nameless merlot while they discuss the case over take-out Chinese food.

Hawk and Spenser reach Vegas and find Anthony there. Hawk drinks some more Krug from a flute glass while they ponder what to do.

Spenser for Hire and Wine

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