Sophie's Choice and Wine

Sophie's Choice is infused with wine. In fact, one of the most famous lines about wine is given in this movie by Meryl Streep!

Nearly the very first seen we see with Meryl involves wine. When she comes down to properly introduce herself to Stingo, her new house-mate, she brings him a plate of food with a glass of white wine.

Sophie's Choice and Wine

But the true wine situation comes when we have a flashback to when Sophie and her love Nathan first met. She collapses at a library, and he takes her home. She wakes up, exhausted, barely herself, to find him making dinner for her in her kitchen. He looks up and says:

"Ah, would Madame taste the wine?"

He comes over to where she's lying in bed, and presents the bottle to her.

Sophie's Choice and Wine

She is stunned. "Oh! Chateau Margaux Grand Cru - mille neuf cents un sept" she says in shock. I think this is 1917?

He smiles. "Special day - a special wine". He has fallen in love with her at first sight.

He pours the wine for her. She takes a long smell of its aroma.

Sophie's Choice and Wine

Then she drinks, and is overwhelmed with emotion. She says:

"Now when you ... when you live a good life, like a saint, and then you die ... that must be what they make you to drink in paradise."

Her Polish-English may not be perfect, but the sentiment she presents is palpable.

Then they move on to drinking Champagne, first when Stingo is celebrating his novel -

Sophie's Choice and Wine

And then when Nathan is celebrating an achievement of his own.

Sophie's Choice and Wine

Does anybody know what brand this is?

In any case, it really all comes down to the Margaux :)

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