Pride and Prejudice

I really adore the Pride and Prejudice storyline. The BBC version pushed quite heavily on the 'Darcy is Evil' aspect of the story, as well as the 'Father Bennett was a Jerk', but other than that, it was fun to see the normally under 2 hours storyline expanded into a much longer set.

The English back in this period really loved their wine! There were not 'standard' bottle sizes in these days - consumers would go to a wine shop with their own container, and fill up a set amount from a barrel there. Sort of like when you go to a deli counter and they cut off a pound of ham for you. That is why you typically see the people serving out of crystal decanters with stoppers in them. This is their 'serving vessel'.

Darcy and his pal enjoy Claret Cup, a traditional red wine punch

Lizzie has a parakeet!

Darcy pours himself a glass of red wine or port

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