Star Trek Nemesis and Wine

It's intriguing how even in the future, wine is an integral part of celebration and enjoyment of life. Look at how the movie opens, when you first see the crew of the Enterprise. It's Riker and Troy's wedding, and there is of course Champagne being served in flutes.

The futuristic flutes are flared out at the mouth, which is strange because that would normally let the bubbles dissipate. But maybe they have mini-force-fields in the future to keep those bubbles fresh. There are all the traditional toasts and clinking of glasses, too - relics of thousands of years old actions.

Then, at the end of the film, you also have wine, at another important transition - the saying of farewell to Data. Picard pours some of his own "Chateau Picard" to his friends, in what seem to be Riedel glasses. He gives a solemn toast - "to absent friends" - and they drink it down.

In fact, if you watch the deleted scenes there was an entire section originally focussing on the wine and a discussion between Picard and Data over glasses of wine. Jean Luc goes into his private stock and says, "A special occasion - Chateau Picard 2267." As he pours, he adds, "you know, they say a vintner's history is in every glass. The soil it caem from, the past, the hopes for the future. " The pair swirl their wines, then smell the aroma. "So - to the future," says Picard, as they clink their glasses and then enjoy the fine vintage.

It's good to know that fine wine, and the traditions surrounding the world of wine, will be enjoyed for quite a long time!

I do have to comment on the plot, being a huge Star Trek fan :) This planet they land on is pre-warp drive, so they're supposed to keep a low profile - but they start shooting their lasers immediately at the natives and then leap into a flying spaceship? :) Also, in the special features they make it sound like this whole sacrifice plot is startling and new. I suppose they never saw Spock (the logical one) give up his life to save his captain and crew - involving a mysterious life-destroying (or life creating) force called ... Genesis. Genesis, Nemesis. Hmmmmmmmm.

Also with all of their going on and on about how someone with identical DNA is a scary thing and threatens your identity - how about the tons of identical twins out there in the world? They seem to end up having different lives and don't resort to slaying their sibling to feel "unique". I think people who write clone storylines forget that we have real world "clones" around us daily, it's just what happens when an egg splits in the womb.

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