High Anxiety - Mel Brooks and Wine

I love Mel Brooks movies. They are casual, great fun, and full of laugh out loud humor. Yes, they're very silly. Sometimes a very silly show is exactly what you need to shake your life around a bit.

High Anxiety is a spoof of all the Alfred Hitchcock great films like Psycho, Birds, Vertigo and more. Mel Brooks has all his usual characters along from the ride, from Madeline Kahn to Dick Van Patten and more. As usual, Mel also includes wine in his portrayals!

High Anxiety and Wine

I like the above scene because it's a fancy dinner scene and demonstrates how wine is often poured in these situations. The wine is in a cradle laying sideways so the sediment is stationary and stays (mostly at least) out of the glasses. If instead the wine was vertical and then "sloshed" into a neck-down position for each pour, all the sediment would mix in quite thoroughly.

High Anxiety and Wine

You can see the bottle now on the table, with a better look at what it looks like. The bottom is tilted down somewhat to gather the sediment there.

High Anxiety and Wine

Here's an image of the "classic Hollywood image" of Brandy. A giant bowl that has huge alcohol fumes overwhelming your nose. The guy holding the brandy glass by the bowl warms it up so it's even more alcohol fume intensive. He's lounging in his chair, all that's missing is the dog at the feet!

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