The Goodbye Girl and Wine

The Goodbye Girl is a fun movie that has been done both as a big-screen movie as well as a made-for-tv movie. Both involve wine in key sequences!

First, in the original movie from the 70s, when the two main characters are shopping, we get this exchange:

"A little chianti? You can't have spaghetti marinara without a little vino."

"not on my budget." says she.

After a bit of an argument, he says, "i'll blow for the booze. Short of stature but not tight of pocket. I'll be right out."

In he goes to the wine shop.

clerk - "can I help you?"

him - "a bottle of your finest cheap chianti please."

clerk - "I have a nice california red for 1.80"

him - "nothing from kansas? "

clerk - "maybe. now seriously this is a nice red. "

him - "all right, this goes with spaghetti? "

clerk - "perfect with spaghetti. "

him - "thank you listen and it's under 2 right?"

clerk - "1.8 is pretty much under 2 as far as I know!"

Note that the bottle he gets is a Gallo Chianti :)

As they have dinner, he says "Niante on the chianti" when she doesn't want any!

Interestingly, they did a bit of update for the 2004 made for TV version!

chianti! can't have spaghetti marinara without a little vino!

you can on my budget.

oh please I'll pay for the booze. Thin of statue but not tight of pocket. I'll be right out.

chianti please

there's a nice californian red here, $6.99.

nothing from Kansas?


what about that?

This is more like it.

This time you can't see exactly what the bottle was.

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