Cleopatra - Elizabeth Taylor

Wine was an incredibly important part of the Roman lifestyle, so it's no surprise to find wine in the famous movie Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor.

The very first scene in the movie involves a Roman soldier riding in to report to Caesar. The very first thing the minions do is bring him over a pottery footed cup with wine in it, for him to have a drink before making his report.

When Cleopatra most famously rolls out of her carpet, the very first thing she does is go to the golden flask and pours out wine into a golden goblet. Interestingly, though, in the next scene, Caesar goes on about trust. "Like wine - whenever I've tried it, the aftereffects have not been good. I've given up wine, and trust."

A quick fight scene later, Cleopatra's servant brings her a golden cup of wine that is poisoned. Cleopatra makes her drink the wine. Soon Cleopatra has seduced Caesar. When Antony brings the news to Caesar's wife, she accepts it calmly. "There's some fresh wine - one of your many favorites," she offers. She has a golden urn with six footed gold cups.

When Caesar's enemies are plotting his death, they take a drink of wine when the conversation is finished. And so it goes. Marc Anthony has a glass of wine in his hand in just about every scene he's in!

Italy certainly has enough great wines to drink during this long movie!!

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