You Only Live Twice

Filmed in 1967, this was thought at the time to be the last Bond film with Sean Connery. The tale takes place in Japan and a new director turns it into a volcano epic.

This is probably the least liked of all Bond films by most Bond watchers. Bond has a chintzy helicopter that looks like it's hanging on wires and not much else for gadgets. We never learn the name of his "girl" and he's pretty crude to the various women he meets.

The movie starts with Bond apparently killed while sleeping with a girl. The headlines read "Britisn Naval Commander Murdered" with his photo. Now that he's not being persued, he's free to track down SPECTRE's latest plot.

The movie has many treat-girls-like-whores scenes and in general Bond doesn't do much actual spying at all. He's sort of along for the ride. Still, if you're watching all the Bond films to follow the chain of events, this does give you an interesting glimpse into where some of those stops took the spy!

Drinks -

In a funny twist, Bond meets up with an English informant who asks him, "That's stirred, not shaken?" Even though this is wrong, James politely says, "Perfect.

In a Japanese office, James downs some Siamese vodka.

Tanaka soon meets James and asks him, "You like Japanese sake, Mr. Bond - or would you like a vodka martini?" James replies, "Oh no, I like sake, especially when it's served at the correct temperature, 98.4F, like this is."

When he's at the Japanese office again, James (in disguise) first refuses alcohol because it's too early. The secretary coos, "A Dom Perignon '59, Mr. Fisher. Are you really sure you won't change your mind?" Bond replies, "Well, if you insist ..."

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