A View To A Kill

As much as you can pick on Moore, he is **58** years old here. Many 58 year olds are barely able to hike up a hill, never mind do the stuff Roger is up to here! Talk about incentive to stay active as you age!

Intriguingly, the movie begins with a big warning about Zorin being nobody. Apparently there were both a silicon valley company name and a fashion designer name that were similar. Nobody actually COMPLAINED though. They were just being paranoid.

Intriguingly, just to jump ahead a bit, with Pierce they once nixed him snowboarding because that would be too 'trendy' and they kept him on skiis. However, way back in '85, you have a skiing scene with 'California girls' where he's actually snowboarding! He shoots down a helicopter and hops in his 'iceberg'. This of course is piloted by blond chick.

The intro is Duran Duran and features stickered / glow painted women. You can tell this was the 80s!!

On to the movie. Q plays with a little robot dog (now a popular family "pet") and Bond, still formal, calls them "Sir". They talk about nuclear magnetic pulses that damages all silicon computer chips. It turns out they have new chip that is resistant to this. That's what Bond found, and it is made by Zorin industries.

In a nod to the classics, you get the famous My Fair Lady sequence with Moneypenny and Zorin (brilliantly played by Christopher Walken) and MayDay (Grace Jones who at the time seemed very 'butch' but now seems almost tame :))

OK, on to France in an Eiffel Tower restaurant. A wine conversation and then a VERY bizarre assassination. Why would she do it so visibly, risking being caught? Why parachute in bright colors? What's the chance of that boat being there? Why would Bond shoot so wildly and miss?

Now the comedy. Bond harasses his 'servant' endlessly and we run into Ms. Jenny Flect (get it? genuflect?). Grace becomes one of the first 'not just eye candy' Bond Girls and holds her own both against Zorin and Bond. Bond is truly grumpy when his friend is killed, and the General from the end of the zombie-girls movie shows up here, upset about eliminating 007. He tells Zorin, "No one ever leaves the KGB."

Bond's now in San Francisco dressed casual, with a CIA guy. We learn Zorin was the result of a pregnant woman given steroids, and is an intelligent psychotic. Bond meets up with a blonde KGB agent who he knew from before. He lets her steal the wrong tape and now meets up with Stacey. Nicely, he just tucks her in!

You can also tell this was done during the disaster-movies-80s with the long fire rescue scene. And being a "secret agent" he announces his name and title to the world there? And steals the fire truck? There's also some swearing in here which previous Bond movies didn't need to resort to. I also have to comment that on the DVD version the volume goes from VERY quiet to VERY loud.

Some more excitement and now Bond and Grace are on the same side, but he makes HER do all the work while he sits back and goes "easy gently"?? And somehow she doesn't hear this gigantic blimp "sneaking up on her". Then we have the classic Zorin fight sequence on the Golden Gate Bridge, and a cute ending with Q's doggie.

Drinks -

On the floating iceberg, the duo have caviar, along with 'vodka, rather shaken' (Stolichnaya)

There's a classic exchange in the French restaurant:

Bond tastes his Champagne and says "Bollinger '75"

Friend: I see you are a connoiseur, Monseiur Bond.

Bond: an suite Lafite Rothschield sec on neuf sil vous plais (i.e. gimme some Bordeaux too)

Friend: Another Excellent Choice

Bond: I am pleased you approve ...

Later, at the mansion party, they are drinking Champagne. When he seduces Stacey he makes her a quiche and they go through two bottles of light red wine.

The drunk wine guy is in this one too, during the fire!

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