Tomorrow Never Dies

Bond pairs up with Hong Kong action star Michelle Yeoh for some superb fighting sequences that should lure in the world wide martial arts audience. Unfortunately for wine drinkers, there is hardly any wine talk in this movie!

First you have James seducing a student at Oxford. It seems he's going after girls that could be his GRANDkids now, never mind his daughters. They have a bottle of Champagne in a bucket by the bed.

When he runs into Paris at the Carver party, she orders him a martini, shaken not stirred. He tries to order her tequila, but she says she now drinks her husband's Champagne.

Desolute from seeing her, James drinks several shots of Smirnoff Vodka in his hotel room before she shows up.

When she returns to talk to her husband, there's a bottle of Champagne on the table with two flute glasses. That's it!!

In general, this movie was pretty disappointing on the "class" level. It was full of a lot of 3rd grade humor. The witty banter of the past has really been reduced down to a very low level. Are they thinking that the modern audience wouldn't "get" the subtle humor and it had to be in your face?

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