The World is Not Enough

There's a great intro sequence to this one, where Bond is in the thick of things, with great back and forth. He brings some money back to M and we see her being friendly and chummy with someone - something rarely seen in the movies. As in past movies, she says "Care for a drink?" He agrees and she pours. He adds ice and realizes there is a bomb. The guy is blown up, Bond goes on a crazy race through London and the girl dies.

OK, up to Scotland, where we meet the new "R" - John Cleese! He's a brilliant successor for the old "Q". It's almost sad to see "Q" go away and maybe it makes sense that once the actor had given up "Q" he also passed away.

Anyway, back to Renard the anarchist. She sent 009 to kill Renard, but he failed.

Soon you're in twists and turns as Bond tries to protect M's daughter, as she doesn't need protection, as she is actually working with Renard. You pity her as being hurt by Renard, then realize that she is actually pulling all the strings.

In the meantime, James also hooks up with Christmas Jones, a brilliant scientist who is involved in nuclear weapons dismantling. Together they go to defuse a weapon but then let it blow up to convince Renard that they are dead. Then they head out to the sub to defuse the weapon there that is about to turn Istanbul into a black spot.

Of course they succeed, but poor M has to see James slay her daughter for being an all around nasty person. Still, James ends up with Christmas, as seen on an infrared camera!

Drinks -

At Valentino's casino, Bond asks for "vodka martini. shaken not stirred." of course.

When he meets up with Valentino he mentions Renard, and Valentino says "I think you and I better have a drink". He pours them out straight Vodka.

James' Bond Girl loves Bollinger. She has it by the bed when she romps with James, and then has more around when she's in bed with Renard.

When Valentino is drowning in his caviar, James quips "too bad we don't have any Champagne."

Renard's crew offers "some brandy and refreshments for your men on the sub" which then poisons them all. Bad alcohol!!

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