The Spy Who Loved Me

It seems like they're revving up the intro here, you have a submarine with fully naked women photos hanging on the walls (the first time Bond goes porno). At the same time, there's a COOL scene where the Russians want their agent to report, and against your expectations it is the WOMAN who picks up the phone. VERY cool, especially compared with how 'women-are-dumb' Moore is in the other movies. In fact, this movie is rated by many as being the best Roger Moore is in, because the women are finally a good match for him and are treated with respect.

Anyway, back to the story. James is in Austria and is betrayed by the woman he's sleeping with. He's chased by spies, kills a few then parachutes off a cliff in a scene that was actually done by a stunt man and is quite amazing.

You learn Sergie was killed, and you also see a woman slain in a shark tank by the bad guy. Which is ALSO impressive, that now women as well as men are culpable enough for that sort of viscious out-taking by the bad guy. Sure, in goldfinger a woman was painted gold, but that's not nearly the same! You also meet Jaws, who is a great villan who is also in the next movie.

Into the Mojaba club where Bond finally meets Anya. He actually shows sensitivity when she mentions his wife! They agree to work together and chat with Q in the pyramids. In Sardinia they get a Lotus Espirit Turbo which is a pretty neat car. Bond then slips into Evil Bond mode by tormenting his new "wife" by making comments about the slinky Naomi. Why would he say these things, other than to deliberately hurt her pride? Nice guy.

The whole story ends up being that Stromberg wants to kill all life off and start afresh. In the end, Jaws swims off and Anya threatens to kill Bond ... but of course she decides to sleep with him instead. Moore says this is his favorite Moore-acted Bond, as do many fans.

Note the hidden gem - there's an Italian director featured in the movie as an extra. He was the wine drinker on the beach who looks at the Lotus, then at his bottle of wine. The same guy shows up in the next two movies as well, doing the same thing!

Drinks -

Bond and his spy-lover drink red wine in the Austrian chalet.

When they first meet in the Mojaba club, Bond and Anya prove they know about each other. He says, "the lady will have bacardi on the rocks.". She says, "for the gentleman, vodka martini, shaken not stirred."

When they ride by train, there is an unnamed champagne and 2 flutes in his room.

In the apartment, there is a bottle of Champagne chilling with 2 flutes nearby.

Bond only mentions wine once. He says, "Maybe I misjudged Stromberg. Any man who drinks Dom Perignon '52 can't be all bad ..."

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