Quantum of Solace

Quantum of Solace was the first ever James Bond movie which was written "from scratch". Up until now every movie had been based on one of the Ian Fleming books about James Bond. They had now gone through every existing book and since Ian Fleming is dead, they had to make up a new movie from scratch.

This is also the second book in the "new start for Bond". That is, the previous movie, Casino Royale, was the "very first Bond episode" timeline wise. It is about when James Bond first becomes a spy. This movie, Quantum of Solace, follows up on that theme. Bond is still recovering from that first situation. Interestingly, there are no gadgets in this movie, not even a mention of Q or the gadget-making branch. Both Bond and M are very "human", with very deliberately intimate scenes of them drawing a bath or putting on face cream.

James' rawness is reflected in his drinks. He has whiskey while interrogating the first prisoner, and then whiskey on the plane. The CIA group also has whiskey. Bond drinks white wine while hanging out with Mathis.

In a key sequence on a plane to Bolivia, Bond is getting drunk on his signature martinis. He explicitly says they have:
3 parts gin
1 part vodka
1/2 part Kina Lillet (which he makes VERY clear is NOT vermouth!)
large thin slice of lemon peel

Apparently Bond has had six of these!

He does have Champagne in the hotel in Bolivia. There is also Champagne at the party later.

He has a local beer at the bar, when meeting up with Felix. It didn't appear that bar would offer anything BUT beer :) The military is also drinking beer at the hotel.

I don't know if this counts as a drink, but he offers a can of motor oil as a "drink" to Mr. Green :)

Bond is definitely a "hard drinker" in this one, rather than an "elegant drinker" of past movies!

I'll add more dialogue quotes once I get this on DVD!

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