On Her Majesty's Secret Service

The sixth James Bond movie, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, starred a new actor - George Lazenby. This poor actor only got one chance to portray the famous Bond, James Bond.

Sean Connery "resigned" in You Only Live Twice, so they were looking for a new Bond. The producers were working on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the time and much of the same group came along to the new Bond film.

We start with a clip of James saving Tracy (Diana Rigg), a woman walking into the ocean. James has a rough fight, rescuing her from danger. Tracy runs off, and James says wryly, "This never happened to the other fellow". The intro film shows clips from other movies and naked profiles.

This movie is very much a rough and tumble movie, no gadgets, just James and his brains. He does play baccarat and then follows Tracy to a table, then to her room. After a tussle in her room he in fact sleeps with her - she is paying her debt.

James is abducted the next morning, taken to Draco of Draco construction. It turns out Tracy is Draco's only child. Draco says he will give Bond 1 million to marry Tracy.

Back James goes to his office. He actually agrees to meet Moneypenny and she refuses. M yells at Bond for wasting 2 years looking for Blowfeld and takes him off the case. James resigns in frustration, and in his office looks at trinkets from previous films. Moneypenny arranges it so Bond simply gets 2 weeks off.

James romances Tracy at a bullfight. The 'good guys' all call James "Commander Bond." Suddenly he's a butterfly expert??

In a famous heraldry scene, we learn that Bond's motto is "The World is Not Enough" - used in a later film. Blowfeld's family is from Augsburg but they head up to Switzerland - first by horse sled then by helicopter to the Alps.

Blowfled is doing 'allergy research' on a mountaintop. He meets Terry Savalas - Count Blowfeld, with his attached earlobes. Bond goes in to seduce one of the girls in a Scottish outfit, and when he removes his kilt the girl cries out in delight "It's true!" :) James seduces 2 girls in the same night with the same lines. He soon escapes.

James marries Tracy, and poor Moneypenny is sad. Off James and Tracy go - but when they stop by the side of the road, Blowfeld kills her, and James holds her dead body. The end, what an ending!!

Drinks -

At the casino, James orders "Dom Perignon '57". He and Tracy have it with caviar - "Royal Beluga - north of the Caspian"

When James meets Draco, Drago gives James a martini - shaken not stirred. James says that Draco usually drinks Corsican brandy.

There's Champagne at a bullfight, unnamed. Later, up on the mountaintop, Bond asks for malt whiskey and branch water.

When James escapes the mountaintop retreat and is found by a St Bernard, he tells the dog, "go and get the brandy - 5 star Hennesey of course".

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