This was a very interesting Bond, with much more real world problems than some of the last movies. You get an intro in cuba with horses, where he's trying to blow up a base. He manages to do so and then flies out in a mini-plane. The title sequence is with full, real (identifiable) real women instead of silouhettes which is interesting.

You get into the 'story' slowly. You learn about Faberge eggs going on the market. The latest is "property of a lady". Also, a Russian military bad guy (who I always think of as Victor Maitlan from Beverly Hills Cop) wants to invade Europe.

Bond swaps the egg with a fake and goes to Dehli to meet up with a tennis star. There are all sorts of jokes about his tennis playing skills. Bond plays backgammon in a casino. Soon he's kidnapped and forced to have dinner with the bad guys - the only point of that seems to have been to serve him a sheep head which he refuses to eat. Indiana Jones, anyone?

OK, Bond goes out to the Octopussy island. He meets the main character (played by Maud Adams who had also played Scaramanga's lover). They're a very good match, both strong and feisty and intelligent. Unfortunately she falls apart when Bond confronts her and turns into jello.

Anyway, off Bond goes, finding the East German circus. He gets on the circus train and realizes that General Orloff (i.e. Victor Maitlan) is planning on sending a nuke into the West Germany base. The West Germans will think one of theirs went off by accident, europe will disarm and he'll just roll Russian tanks into Paris. But in the meantime, the Russians find jewelry in the General's car, think he's smuggling gems and shoot him.

Back to Bond. He makes his long, tedious way to the West German base, blasts through cops and security and everyone else who won't believe him and of course at 0:00 he disarms the bomb. He and the woman head back to Dehli to confront the traitors who were also working on the bomb, there's a big fight with lots of talented circus women helping out, and the movie ends with a fight on a moving airplane.

Drinks -

Champange in room, Champagne at dinner

When kidnapped, dinner with them - but no wine at all with sheep head!

On the Octo-Island, she has a martini shaken not stirred for him. She drinks Champagne with a strange gold label that is never identified.

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