The Living Daylights

This was the first of two Timothy Dalton Bonds. They actually wanted Pierce Brosnen but he was still under contract for Remington Steele. This is based on a real short story and Timothy plays THE most authentic Bond (as in true to the books) that has ever been shown. For many, though, they had gotten used to the 'aristocrat / joking' Bond that they didn't like this!

You start right up front with hard core Bond action. Three 00s are going into Gibraltar and bad guys take out 2 of them. A lounging woman says grumpily, "All there are are tennis pros and playboys" - then in comes Bond and she changes her mind. Talk about a swipe at the older Bonds :)

OK, on to Slovakia. Bond misses on purpose, knowing the sniper with the cello was a fake. With a change of Bond comes a change in secretary - Moneypenny is now blonde!

Now you get a nasty kitchen fight, then a blue parrot and an Astin Martin. Bond gets the cello case - why is the rifle still there on the trolly? On to Bratislava. He says he heard yesterday, that he saw the "escapee" 2 days ago safe and sound. He knows the cello lady used blanks.

OK, a little bit of driving on the right and then a frozen lake chase. They slide over the Austria border with the cello and get to Vienna. He asks for 2 bedrooms, what a gentleman!

A mysterious bad guy says he wants Pushkin killed if Bond doesn't do it. Bond agrees to meet by the ferris wheel at midnight. Of course, Saunders is squished AFTER he gives Bond the info on the arms dealer.

On to Tangiers and then to Afghan. Yeorgi is buying opium with diamonds and will get the profit before buying arms for the Soviet Union.

In comes Felix who is white again. And really, as much as I enjoy the hard-core Bond, I just don't like Dalton as much as I like Brosnan. I wish Dalton went more hard core so we got the authentic Bond with Brosnan's level of acting.

Drinks -

The Russian General also played De Guerre from Robin Hood so I had these really strange mental images during this exchange :)

Russian General - "What's this? From Harrods a godsend, the food here is horrible." Still Talking - "what's this, Caviar, well that's peasant food for us, but with champagne it's ok. " And more - "Bollinger RD - the best!"

Now for the wine notes. RD is "Recently Disgorged" - a blend of grand anee - same aging on lees. It's made as a vintage with same blend as great year vintage wines - keep on lees longer so more complex and subtle. 8 years on lees, great aromatic complexity and length. This is supposed to be consumed near release date, fresh. In 2004, 1990 is the most recent available. Since this was an '87 movie - wine from 79 or earlier - 74 was 94 pointer. The RD line was introduced by Lily Bollinger in 66 with 55 vintage.

In the Austria hotel -
Clerk - "shall I have vodka martinis sent up?"
Bond - "shaken not stirred"
Clerk - "of course ..."

The bad guy at the faire is lobster and white wine. Ah, but which one ...

In Tangiers, she shakes his drink and Bond says, "you remembered"

At the end you've got martinis waiting.

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