Licence to Kill

Dalton's last chance at Bond which was actually a shame. This is a very interesting Bond - he's not on an official mission. He's persuing a personal enemy, and you get a real glimpse into the tortured soul that is involved in being a paid assassin.

Note there's a strange change in music with this movie in the intro gunshot sequence. Bond and Felix are quite good friends now, and Felix is getting married in the Florida Keys. Note also that this Felix is the one from Live and Let Die, and they were at first worried that he was now "too old" to do the sequences. But he proved he could keep up!

Della, his fiance, is adored by Bond as well. The two guys have some business to do first - they try to chase Sanchez, a South American drug lord who is jealous and brutal. The drug lord finds his "woman", kills her lover nastily and then beats her.

After the wedding, Sanchez kills Della and then feeds Felix to a shark. They leave Felix with a note saying "He disagreed with something that ate him". Why would they leave him alive?

Bond and his pal Sharkey head out and have a fight in the aquarium tank area. He then meets M at the Hemingway House on Key West and says Bond should be in Istanbul. Bond refuses to go and M revokes his license. There's a lot of "Commander" in this section, why not call him Bond like normal?

We get some barefoot water skiing behind the plane, and then Bond goes to Bimini Island. There he meets up with Bond Girl who is much more take-action than Cello-girl from the previous movie. "Hell I knew somthing was wrong". While Bond only has a little gun, she has a shotgun. I think this is the "turning point" where Bond Girls are actually women who can take care of themselves! She does swear, though - it's getting more prevalent at this point.

"Leave it to the professionals" is a great irksome line. Then she makes the first move to kiss and he chides, "why don't you wait until you're asked". Not to be harassed, she shoots back, "why don't you ask me"

Moneypenny is looking after James and they end up in Isthmus City. One of my favorite characters now shows up - Butcher the evangelist!! The bad guy has a cool iguana, shades of Terminator appearing? In one of my favorite lines, the pilot says, "why can't you be MY executive secretary?"

Kwang, the asian dude who appears in the casino, is a guy I enjoyed greatly in Rising Sun in '93. He's Carey Huroyuki Togawa. Anyway, he's from Hong Kong and is furious that Bond is about to screw up the mission. Unfortunately for Kwang a tank comes and kills all the 'good guys' so now Bond appears to be properly evil! Interstingly, speaking of Japanese, this is very much like Yojimbo where the sneaky guy infiltrates and sows distrust, but lets the bad guys all take each other out.

To give Bond credit, at the end he leaves the sultry but brainless model and goes after the tough-as-nails pilot. 'Why don't you wait until you're asked,' says she!

Drinks -

The group all drinks Champagne at the wedding.

In the bar, the girl says "Bud with a lime." Bond easily replies, "same thing". What, no Corona?

Down in South America, Bond says "I'd like a case of champagne - bollinger RD". He then drinks Champagne in the bar.

He still wants more though. "Would you get me a medium dry vodka martini, shaken not stirred."

At the end, when Bond goes after his girl, he leaves Q with two glasses of rose Champagne.

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