The Man With the Golden Gun

OK, I had issues with Roger Moore's first movie - Live and Let Die - where amidst the Black Exploitation he pretty much rapes a virgin and then jokes about it. I thought it'd be hard to sink even lower ... but Moore achieved it.

In a strange twist, the VILLANS are just about perfect here. You have Tattoo from Fantasy Island (in his pre-Fantasy Island days) as the henchman for a young Christopher Lee (aka Saruman from Lord of the Rings). Scaramanga, Lee's character, is just about PERFECT as the 'mercenary Bond' that is like Bond in oh so many ways. I in fact found Scaramanga to be BETTER than Bond in several.

This movie shares the fault of the previous one of having a long, tedious setup before we ever see Bond. You see Scaramanga have a hide-and-seek with a would-be assassin. Knick Knack isn't very scary as a henchman but he's fun comic relief. Then a strange watery intro that just isn't very good. Finally Bond shows up and rattles off how Scaramanga is "The Man with the Golden Gun", born in a circus. Apparently Bond was sent a golden bullet and M wants Bond to resign or go underground. M is very snide with Bond, back to his attitude from previous movies, which just strikes me as odd given all the good things Bond has achieved.

You learn that 002, Bill Fairbanks, was killed by Scaramanga in '69 in Beirut in a Cabaret. Note that I think this is the first time that another 00 spy is given a name ...?

Anyway, off to beirut to get the gold bullet from that killing. Q says this came from a 4.22mm gun from Lazar, a Portuguese weaponsmith living in Macau. Bond is pretty slimy in threatening poor Lazar and now goes off to Hong Kong. Next Bond is nasty to his lovely contact from 2 years ago. He sneaks up into the female messenger's room, watches her with a leer as she showers, but then she's braindead and turns her back on him while calling for help. What?? And then he slaps her around to get information? The entire scene was very disturbing. Note - Andrea, the woman here, is played by Maud Adams who then stars in Octopussy.

We move on (and downward) to a sleazy topless club in Macau for more cheap thrills. Gibson, the solar energy guru, is shot dead. Yes, this entire movie is about solar energy, didn't you know? He sneaks in, he gets caught, he watches a bit of martial arts and then when he is told to fight in a formal bout, he sucker-kicks the guy when the guy is bowing! It serves Bond right when his friends take off on him after rescuing him.

And now for perhaps the worst part of all. Bond is trying to escape on a boat and it's broken. A kid hops on and fixes it for him, and Bond pushes the kid off into the water without even a gift or thank you or any intention of helping him out! And to add insult to injury, JW, the bigot from Live and Let Die, shows up spouting trash such as "God Damn little brown water hog!" (referring to the natives).

Drinks -

On the beach, the Slinky Woman gets Champagne while Scaramanga is drinking dark beer

Bond drinks red wine at the cabaret in Beirut. In the dacer's room, he uses a wine bottle as a weapon.

Bond brings Champagne up to room 602 to meet the messenger lady (i.e. Scaramanga's lover) in the improperly wide mouthed glasses.

"I'll keep the wine properly chilled" says Midnight.

Midnight and Bond have a bottle of local "Phu-yuck" sparkling wine. They are not impressed.

When Bond landson Scaramanga's island, he is offered a "Dom Perignon sixty-four." Bond replies, "I prefer the '62 myself. Still, beats a bag of peanuts." Scaramanga then shoots off the cork.

At dinner with Scaramanga, Bond remarks on the wine, "Excellent - slightly reminiscent of a '34 Mouton." Scaramanga replies, "Then I must add it to my cellar!" referring to the '34 Mouton and in fact makes a note for himself to do that. There's also a bottle of Champagne in the background here.

Finally, on the Chinese ship when Bond fights the midget, there are many wine bottles thrown around as missiles. What a shame!!

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