This is a milestone movie for MANY reasons. First, it's the first time Pierce Brosnan steps into the Bond shoes. Next, it has Bond great friends with Alec, who is 006. He has trouble on a mission and Alec (brilliantly played by Sean Bean - i.e. Boromir) is killed, and we go to "9 years later". Since Goldeneye was a full 6 years after the previous Bond, this big gap makes sense. And finally, Goldeneye was made into a BRILLIANT video game so rewatching this one, we remembered many of the game sequences far more clearly than we remembered previous watchings of the movie.

James has some fun in the car with his 'evaluator' and then hangs out with Onatopp in Monaco. He tries to save the copter from being snagged but the guards grab James and let the copter go in a classic 'frustration moment'.

OK, on to Severnaya, Russia. The bad guy shows up to test Goldeneye and kills everyone.

Now to a new homefront! Moneypenny is livelier than ever before - she zaps back at him about sexual harassment. M is the amazing Judi Densch and is called the 'evil queen of numbers'. She talks of her children when I believe she only has one, who is slain a few movies from now.

M claims statistically the Russians were not able to build Goldeneye. There's some US-bashing in this one, she says "unlike the American government we prefer not to get our bad news from CNN." You learn a bit about the Janus group and Ourumov.

There's definitely some shake-up going on here, to reinvent Bond as a modern man. M says "I think you're a sexist, mysogynist dinosaur ..." and that avenging Alec Trevanian won't bring him back. Still, as Bond leaves, she says, "come back alive"

Bond's now in a BMW convertible. Jack Weed, CIA picks on the stupid Brits' secret codes and passwords. He's made comedic by always calling proper James by "Jimmy" and "Jimbo". You get a Clinton-esque Stand by your Man song. Valentino asks, "are you still working for MI6 or have you joined the 21st century?"

It really seems like half of this movie is about shaking all the dust out of the classic aspects of Bond. When Bond is speechless at seeing Alec, you get "No glib remark?" from a cynical friend. Alec continues, "We're both orphans - yours died in a climbing accident." So more past is revealed.

Now Bond and the Russian are together, and Bond is back to his commenty self. He says "sinister interrogation is a lost art". The Russian has some great lines too, "Do you destroy EVERY vehicle you get into?" she asks. She really connects with him, she understands him, which previous Bond girls rarely did.

Drinks -

To start with, James has Bollinger in the car with his evaluator.

Later in the casino, he has a vodka martini, shaken not stirred. Onatopp has one too.

This part I found VERY interesting. When James meets with the new M, he says:

"Your predecessor kept cognac ..."

And she says, "I prefer bourbon. ice?"

I don't remember Bond EVER drinking with the old M, but this becomes a common thing in the new administration.

With Valentino, they laugh at his "shaken but not stirred" obsession. Later, he is drinking Russia vodka with Valentino.

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