For Your Eyes Only

After the horrific Moonraker, the Bond makers had to redeem themselves. They do reasonably well with For Your Eyes Only. It begins with Bond at his wife's grave. It says Teresa Bond 43-69 -we have all the time in the world. The person who was responsible for Teresa's death miraculously comes back to life from his slaying a few movies ago, and now tries to kill Bond in remote control helicopter. Bond drops him into an exhaust pipe.

Now you see a ship blown up by a mine. The Russians want the ATAC transmitter in it. Next, you meet a parrot on a boat with two archeologists. Melina comes home to her parents, and right in front of her eyes her parents are shot up.

Bond is after the ATAC transmitter. He goes to Spain to apparently a sexy disco music club by a pool :). He and Melina meet up there as Melina kills Gonzales, the killer. Note the strange 'lurker' in the scene were the car tumbles down the cliff - what was he doing there??

When Bond reports that Miss Havelock perforated Gonzales, but that someone paid Gonzales, he's told "try the identograph". Hmmmm. Is this like an etch-a-sketch? He goes down and Q grumbles that he "Managed to get the Lotus back together again ..." It took him all this time since the Lotus movie?? Even more amusing is the HUGE computer disks that were used back in the 70s. I doubt if many people watching the movie after 2000 even recognize them.

OK, they find a match - it's Emil Leopold Lock from Brussels that hired Gonzales. Leopold works for Greek smugglers in Cortina. James gets his Lotus back and is in ski country. He meets up with his contact there, Luigi Ferrara. Apparently you're working your way up the chain of command because now you learn that Leopold, "the dove", really works for Columbo, a guy in Greece.

A quick motorcycle attack dissuades Melina from hanging around, Bond sends her home. Meanwhile in a pretty icky scene, a barely-teen skater girl jumps into bed with Bond (who appears to be around 60 in this film, what was she thinking??) but thank God he sends her home again because she's barely pubescent.

You can tell this was done around the 80s because of the HUGE winter sports sequence here, including skiing through a chalet. The famous Italian Director makes his third Bond appearance here, holding a wine glass and looking at Bond in shock!

OK, you have a fight in the rink. Bond goes to Greece and hooks back up with Ferrera. He then follows the Countess home and sleeps with her, but she's killed. Bond goes to talk to Columbo but learns that Kristatos is the real bad guy, smuggling opium. Bond and Melina are thrown to the sharks by Kristatos but escape, and Melina's father's parrot identifies St Cyril's as the destination.

Kristatos and the skater are up in that monestary and she decides to leave him. There's a huge fight on the mountaintop, and Melina wants to kill the bad guys, but they end up shooting each other. Bond flings the ATAK off the cliff, and the Russian contact smiles as neither of them get their hands on it.

They almost made this one TOO confusing with "this guy has a boss, well this guy has a boss, well this guy has a boss ..." Was the point that they shouldn't kill the lower guys because they were only doing what they were told?

Drinks -

In Greece, Bond has ouzo. Then at dinner, Bond's dinner companion says, "May I suggest a white Ribolo from Catalonia, my home place?"

Bond replies, "If you forgive me, I find that a little too scented for my palate ... I prefer the Theotaki Aspero".

They agree and drink the white wine with dinner.

When Bond drops the countess off for the night, she says, "I'm a night person, I have Champagne and oysters in the fridge ..." He of course joins her, though we never learn what the Champagne was!

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