Die Another Day

The title sequences seem to always be changing now. This one has a bullet shot from the gun in the title. Zoom to North Korea, quite timely given world events. There's a great surfing scene and then Bond is about to assassinate a North Korean general. He fails and now Bond was the cause of North Korea's further withdrawl. Of course if he had succeeded it would have been even worse. So we see that Bond's MO is now causing political harm, and then we get a brutal torture scene which I just didn't enjoy. I enjoy gritty and real - but there are movies I watch to get that. I watch Bond to enjoy it, and this wasn't fun at all.

Anyway, Bond gets out, is told to stay put by M, and escapes. He goes to Hong Kong and then to Havana, Cuba. He finds an old plant and finds out about a spa there.

Now as a comment, there are a TON of classic moments in this one, with it being the 20th Bond and all. There are numerous references to older movies. For example when you first see Jinx (Halle Barre) she comes out of the water just like the very first Bond Girl in Dr. No and in a very similar outfit. James offers her a Mojito - in essence a Cuban Mint Julep.

The US is displeased with Britain's meddling and yells at M. Next, Bond flies back to England and while we assume it's Bond parachuting in to the press-filled area, it's actually Graves. We get to see a great fencing scene with the two of them, and Madonna is there in the black leather outfit.

The car in this one is great - it's invisible! Bond also gets scolded for losing 19 watches before this 20th one - one for each movie!

Now on to the ice palace, where the Bond Girls meet up and bare their claws. It turns out that Ms Frost is bad, that Graves is badder, and soon Jinx and Bond have to clean things up. They end up in a great fight back in North Korea and manage to take out the giant satellite laserbeam and enjoy their diamonds, if only for a little while. This one ended far more "playfully" than previous Bonds.

Drinks -

At the Hong Kong hotel, "If there's any left, the '61 Bollinger."

In Cuba, Bond drinks dark rum straight up with the cigar seller.

Bond offers jinx a Mojito when she emerges Venus-like from the water, it's a Cuban mint julep.

M drinks bourbon while being yelled at by the US.

When Bond's flying back to England, the stewardess says, "your drink sir". He replies, "Lucky I asked for it shaken" as she bobbles the glass in turbulence.

At the ice palace, he asks for "vodka martini - plenty of ice, if you can spare it". Ho ho ho. He sees Jinx in a moment, who is drinking Champagne, and calls out, "Mojito?"

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