Diamonds Are Forever

OK we're up to Bond #7 here - and apparently Connery couldn't stay away for long. Even though he left after #5, he's back again for one last film (well not including the one made a decade after this one with an 'aging Bond').

If you recall, the last film (starring George Lazenby) ended with Bond getting married and then his wife being slain. This movie begins with Bond going around and quickly slaying all responsible including Blowfeld. M is a jerk to Bond, considering Bond's wife was killed and he was just out wreaking his revenge.

Anyway, on with the show. Bond goes to canal-ridden Amsterdam. We meet up with the chick, a red-head who seems to be styled on Mary Tyler Moore. She's feisty and brassy. Felix the CIA agent is back again. There are a pair of bad guys who seem to be gay lovers who haunt Bond's steps throughout the film.

Bond heads east. Soon he's at the new hot-spot of the world, Las Vegas. James plays craps with "Plenty" the busomy chick. Soon he's sleeping with Amerdam-lady, though.

In an amusing sequence, Bond breaks into a government installation and goes down 5 stories into the ground. There he finds ... a mock-up of the moon landing area where they are filming!!. Strangely he breaks out of the mockup and is on the surface again. There's an amusing moon buggy race.

Finally, a few gadgets and Q show up. He gets a gun rapelling rope and a voice box. He drives a "new" Mustang around in a car race. He gets into a very odd / stagey fight with two circus girls. This might be a first, with Bond actually fighting woman who can hold their own ground.

They rescue the guy, save the world from the killer satellite, and then there's a great ending scene where Bond's wine knowledge actually saves their lives!

Drinks -

James is being served Sherry early into the film, Sherry is a blended dessert wine, high alcohol and sweet. He says to M, "Pity about your liver sir, it's an unusually fine solera. '51 I believe."

M replies, "There is no year for sherry, 007."

Not to be topped, James says, "I was referring to the original vintage on which the sherry is based. 1851. Unless I'm mistaken?"

The host responds, "precisely."

Now for the great ending sequence, where Bond's wine skills actually come in handy. Bond and his lady-friend are on a cruise ship when the two bad guys come in, posing as a waiter and a wine steward.

Steward: "Wine sir? Mouton-Rothschild '55."

The steward uses a gas ejector to remove the cork. He then gives Bond the cork. Bond smells the cork and also smells the steward's colone and realizes it's the bad guy.

Steward: "A fine selection, if I may say."

Bond: "I'll be the judge of that." ... (sip) ... "The wine is quite excellent, although for such a grand meal I had rather expected a claret."

Steward: "Of course, unfortunately our cellar's rather poorly stocked with clarets."

Bond: "Mouton-Rothschild IS a claret."

If you're not a wine fan, Mouton-Rothschild is a winery in the Bordeaux region of France. The English often call a Bordeaux a "claret", because of their red color.

If you're going to be even more picky about this claret scene, the meal that is being served starts with Oysters "on the Roux" (which should have been pronounced ROO but he pronouses "Rooss"). It has "Tashlich" (Jewish bread??), "Tidbits" (appetizers). Next comes "Prime Rib Au Jour". "Au Jour" means "of the day", which wouldn't really be appropriate for a fancy cruise ship. They would tell you WHAT the prime rib recipe was, not just say "of the day". I think they meant "Prime Rib Au Jus" which is a delicious high end prime rib meal usually reserved for Christmas Day sorts of meals. Next a Salad d'Topia (sort of like a fruit topia is a mix of lots of fruits).

And finally, for dessert, the piece de resistance is La Bomba Surpise. A Bomba is a dome shaped dish, usually an Italian rice dish but also sometimes a dome shaped dessert. The "surprise" in this case is that a real bomb is hidden inside!

Anyway, they should have started with a white wine or even a Champagne for the oysters, salad and appetizers. Then while that Mouton Rothschield would have been OK with a prime rib au jus, something lighter would have been better. Poor Bond!

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