Casino Royale

In a really bizarre twist, James Bond in 2006 is "the very first James Bond ever" - as in we're seeing James Bond when he first joined the 007 team. We're seeing James meet up with all the classic people for the very first time. It's odd of course because, for example, Judi Dench is there as M even though all of the "in between" Bond storyline had someone else in that position. This is produced by Barbara Broccoli, wife of the man who directed all of the other Bonds until he died. Not only that, but we have a brand new James Bond - Daniel Craig. Pierce Brosnan - who I thought was fantastic in the role - was let go without even a warning.

This Bond is more about long action sequences. In fact the first alcohol seen is when the bad guy is playing a pair of people; the man has brandy, the woman, Champagne.

Bond's first drink in the movie is in the Bahamas, when he gets a large Mount Gay with soda. Mount Gay is a rum made in the Barbados. It's considered a luxury rum that high end sailboat owners drink. In essence, Bond got a rum and Coke.

Soon he's offering the leading lady "one drink at my place". After some kissing, he says they'll need more Champange, and orders a bottle of chilled Bollinger Annee (i.e. Champagne) with beluga caviar.

I have to note that at the airport, two people go through the metal detectors before the bad guy, each setting off the alarm, and they're passed along! It's also interesting to note that MI-6 uses Google to figure out what to do :)

When he's on the train and met Vesper, he's drinking Scotch on the rocks. With dinner they have a bottle of red wine, perhaps a Bordeaux? It has a cream / yellow label with a bell symbol.

When they meet with their contact, they have Champagne. She gets Champagne as she sits by the bar, watching Bond play in his first game. Soon you have the classic lines.

"Send the barman over, please." (he comes over) "A dry martini."

"Oui, monsiour."

"Wait. Three measures of Gordon's, one of vodka, half of a measure of kina lillet, shake it over ice then add a thin slice of lemon peel."

When he takes a sip, he says, "You know, that's not half bad. I'm going to have to think up a name for that."

He has brandy after the fight in the hotel.

After he loses his cash and Vesper refuses to give him more money, he goes to the bar.

"Vodka martini."

"Shaken or stirred?"

"Do I look like I give a damn?"

When bond is going into cardiac arrest, M is drinking scotch at her desk.

Bond wins, off they go to dinner.

"You know, I think I'll call that a Vesper."

"Because of the bitter aftertaste?"

"No. Because once you've tasted it that's all you want to drink."

That's it for drinks! Note that Kina Lillet is NOT a Lillet Blanc. I cover this in my other articles on Bond, James Bond :)

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