The Blues Brothers and Champagne

I love the movie The Blues Brothers. It features fantastic music and amazing artists. Here's a sad note about the state of music in 1980, when it came out. Many of the artists that Balushi and Ackroyd loved were thrilled to be in the movie because people weren't listening to their music any more! These types of artists should always be appreciated.

Jake and Elwood were putting the band back together, because they're on a "mission from God". One of the band members they're trying to bring back into the fold is "Mr. Fabulous", a trumpeter. He now works as the host at a fine dining establishment. Jake and Elwood decide to torment the guy until he gives in and joins them.

They bully their way in to a table, where they are waited on by PeeWee Herman!

Jake: "Give us a bottle of your finest Champagne, five shrimp cocktails, and some bread for my brother."

PeeWee: "We have a Dom Perignon '71 at 120 dollars"

Jake: "That'll be fine, pal."

The inflation rate increase from 1980 to 2009 is 171% - meaning a bottle that was $120 in 1980 would be $205 in 2009. Quite a pricy bottle of wine! If you actually tried to buy a bottle of 1971 Dom Perignon in 2009, it would cost you $500 a bottle. Another way to look at it is that they were buying a 9 year old bottle of Dom Perignon at the time in 1980. To buy a 2000 bottle of Dom Perignon in 2009 (i.e. a 9 year old bottle of wine) it would be $130 - so it's actually *cheaper* (in terms of relative price) to buy Dom Perignon in current times! Or maybe the restaurant had a huge markup :)

In any case, the bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne is brought out with a silver ice bucket. Jake holds up his goblet style Champagne glass to be poured. This was before the days of flutes for proper flavor! Then it's Elwood's turn. Instead of dealing with the smaller Champagne goblet, he goes right for the large red wine glass.

Waiter: "Wrong glass, sir."

Elwood just holds up his glass, and gets his pour!

On they go, drinking a ton of beer at their gig as the "Good Old Boys" at Bob's Country Bunker. No wine there! When the pair are racing to get ot the Palace Hotel, they drive in a tunnel to get in. Jake moans, "Oh my head hurts - that Night Train's a mean wine." Night Train Express was a cheap wine put out fortified at a whopping 17.5% alcohol. Even Guns N' Roses loved Night Train and wrote a song about it :) Quite a way down from Dom Perignon, though!

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