Anna and the King

Sometimes the wine-literature connection can be a challenge. Take "Anna and the King," for example. These movies, musicals, and books (also going under the name 'The King and I') are all based on the life of Anna Leonowens. This widow served as tutor for the sixty-four children of King Rama IV of Siam, back in the 1800s. Yes, the story is incredibly romantic even though it is perhaps full of imaginative errors. Are there really any Siamese or Thailand wines to drink while watching it, though?

Well, the climate is rather good for winemaking, and the amount of sun can even lead to a double harvest. In northeastern Thailand, the French are giving it a try. With French wine vines, grafted onto US rootstock, the Chateau de Loei is currently making Chenin Blanc and Syrah wines, and are looking forward to making more red wine and brandy in the future.

The Chateau de Loei is a relatively recent winery, however. It was put up in the mid 1990s. What might the King of Siam have sipped on while entertaining Anna?

Apparently not wine, unless she managed to get some shipped in to her. Most likely the pair were drinking other native drinks - tea being high on the list.

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