Year Cycle of Seasons in a Vineyard

Choosing when to harvest can be one of the most important decisions a winemaker makes. First, the grapes must have a high enough level of BRIX - or sugar. The sugar is what the yeast turns into alcohol. If there isn't enough sugar, the yeast can't turn this into alcohol, and the grape juice doesn't turn into wine.

The grapes must have enough acid - i.e. the pH must be low. If there is not enough acidity in the wine, it will not have a balance that we find enjoyable.

If the weather is rainy before harvest, the grapes will literally absorb extra water in through their skins. That will dilute the flavor, and in bad situations even make the grapes swell and split. If the grapes split open, then bacteria and fungus will enter them, and potentially destroy the entire crops of grapes.

Vineyard Photos Season by Season

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