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Home Winemaking Are you a budding winemaking? Have you got a crate or two of grapes you'd like to turn into wine, a peach tree in the back yard, or blueberry bushes by the shed? Here is some basic information about creating your own wine.

How to choose a store - find a supply shop you can trust, whether it's on the web or in your own neighborhood!

How to select equipment - stay within your budget, but don't buy cheap pieces that will frustrate you more than they will help.

Glossary of Winemaking Terms - know what the terms and phrases mean.

How to make wine - basic instructions that should work for most kit setups and equipment arrangements.

I have made many batches of wine over the years. Here are photos and details of various batches, to help you understand how the winemaking process is done.

Dandelion Winemaking
Chianti Winemaking
Home Merlot Vine Photos

Online Listing of Winemaking Supply Shops

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