Clover Honey Dandelion Wine Recipe

Dandelion wine is an easy wine to make, and one for which most people have no difficulty at all in finding the raw ingredients. We make Dandelion Wine and have found this recipe to work quite nicely!

2 quarts dandelion flowers
1 pound golden raisins
1 gallon water
1 pound white sugar
1 pound dark brown sugar
4oz Clover Honey
2 lemons - peels, pulp & juice
2 oranges - peels, pulp & juice
yeast and nutrient

Pick the dandelions immediately before using them, being sure to remove all green parts (stem & leaves) from the flowers. It's OK to leave the small leaves just below the yellow head. Boil the water and then pour over the flowers in a large bowl. Cover this with seran wrap for two days, stirring each day.

Now bring the flower/water mix to a boil in a large pot. Add in sugar, honey, and just the peels of the fruits. Try not to get any pith into the mix. Boil for an hour. Now add in the juice and pulps of the fruits. Wait until chilled, then add in the yeast and nutrient. Stand for 3 days to begin fermentation.

Once fermentation has begun, put into a jug and add the raisins. Age for a month or so before bottling. Once bottled, age at least until the Winter Solstice. Can be drunk at the following May Day.

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