Alsace French Wine Bottle Labels

France is what many consider the "ultimate" place to grow wine grapes. It was not that long ago that most wine drinkers would solely drink wines which came from France. From the bubbly wines of Champagne to the rich, complex wines of Bordeaux and the delicate elegance of Alsace, France is all about location and tradition.

Alsace is in the northeastern section of France, up against the German border. It is separated from the rest of France by the Vosges mountains. Because of its location, Alsacian wines have many German traits. One of the similarities is in the the way the wines are named. Alcase is one of the only French areas to name their wines after the grape used, for example Gewurztraminer or Riesling, instead of by a region.

I took all of these photos myself from bottles I was drinking.

Hugel Gentil

Hugel Gentil Label

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