Polyphenols in Red Wine

It has long been known that red wine helps keep arteries clean. The question has always been, how? Was it the antioxidants in the red wine? New research at the William Harvey Research Institute, published in Nature magazine, points to the polyphenols which come from the skins of red grapes.

Researchers tested red wine, blush wine, white wine, and grape juice on Endothelin-1 - the substance that causes arteries to constrict. Overproduction of Endothelin-1 is what causes arteries to harden and clog up. The tests showed that the decrease in Endothelin-1 was proportional to the amount of polyphenols in the wine or juice.

They found that white and blush wine had no effect, and grape juice only had a middle-level effect. It was the red wine which was the true winner. Not only that, but red wines containing Cabernet Sauvignon grapes were best of all.

So, drink to your health! Grab a bottle of Cab, and toast!

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