Kosher Wines

Not only do many Jewish people love wine as part of meals, wine is also an important part of the many holidays and rituals associated with the Jewish faith. When having a Kosher-only household is important, there are many Kosher wines which allow wine to remain an important part of the celebration.

There is yeast involved in making wine, but this does not mean wine is forbidden during Passover. The only leavened products, or chametz, which are forbidden are those made with barley, oats, rye, spelt, and wheat. Wine, of course, is not made with any of those grains.

Any grapes, wine styles, or techniques may be used in making a Kosher wine. This means a Kosher wine does not need to taste any different than a typical wine. What is different is that the equipment is specifically set aside for use on Kosher wines only, the process must be done by Jewish people, and all components used in the making of the wine must themselves be Kosher.

While historically Kosher wines had been very sweet, that was a mere chance that involved the grapes easily available to Jewish winemakers. With the huge volume of Kosher wines being created today, you should be able to find a Kosher wine to please every palate!

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