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On a recent visit to the DiGrazia winery, I had a long talk with its owner, Dr. DiGrazia. Dr. DiGrazia is a medical doctor, and has been focusing in recent years on the health problems of older people, especially menopausal women. He spent quite a bit of time discussing how important wine is to the health of older people. He mentioned that any woman over 30 should take a good look at her health and begin preparing her body for this period. Dr. DiGrazia is in fact looking into making a blueberry wine solely because blueberries are extremely high in antioxidants, and this combination should be extremely healthy for the drinker.

Intrigued, since I am 31, I began doing research into antioxidants. It is important to be moderate in your intake of antioxidants. Instead of taking giant mega-doses of antioxidant pills, it is better to take in a reasonable amount through your normal diet. A glass of wine or two at dinner might fill this need.

Dr. Peter Glassman is an avid skater as well as an Assistant Professor of Medicine at UCLA. Dr. Glassman explains that, just as metal objects oxidize and rust, the human body can oxidize and become ill if not kept in balance. The 'free radicals' caused by this oxidation process injure the structure of our bodies, causing heart disease, and prematurely aging our organs.

Dr. Glassman also concurs that taking mega-doses of vitamins is not the answer. A person should exercise properly and eat properly in order to keep their body well regulated.

Preventing oxidation also affects lung health - as much in some cases as the difference between smoking and not smoking.

What does this mean for wine drinkers? Wine provides antioxidants, as well as many other health benefits, and is of course an enjoyable part of a meal as well. If you make wine a normal part of your daily diet, in moderation of course, then you can know that you are doing your part to keep your body healthy long into your senior years.

Update: Now that I have turned 40, I believe even more strongly that having a healthy source of antioxidants is important to your daily life.

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