Amethysts and Wine

The Amethyst is the birthstone for February, and has a long history. You might know that it was used often by art deco studios, or that it was connected with royalty in France. Did you know that its mythical origins trace back to Bacchus, God of Wine?

The ancient Greeks named this stone after the word "amethustos", which means "without wine" or "not drunk". Legends felt that those who wore amethyst would be safe from the drunken aftereffects of wine drinking. Even the origin of the stone is based on wine.

According to legend, Bacchus became angry at mankind in general and decided to get revenge. He swore that the next mortal to come across his path would be consumed by tigers. A beautiful young maiden Amythyst happened along just at that moment - going to worship the goddess Diana. Diana was watching over her young faithful, and to save Amythyst Diana turned her into a colorless stone. Bacchus now felt sorry for the maiden, and poured some of his wine over the stone, turning it purple. Some say that the reason amethysts are often unevenly colored is that Bacchus did not do a very good job of pouring his wine!

If you've got an amethyst around, put it on and give a toast to the ancient love of wine and fine gems. A lovely pair to keep around!

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