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War Criminal Dr. Josef Mengele's Illigitimate Daughter Found

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War Criminal Dr. Josef Mengele's Illigitimate Daughter Found - 05/31/05 05:04 AM

It is claimed by a reliable source, that Nazi war criminal, Dr.Josef Mengele, has an illigitimate daughter, who was born in early 1961 to an Australian woman of German ancestry. Who had been in Paraguay. Staying in a German colony there with her mother and brother, in mid-1960. It is believed the mother of the child was unaware, at the time, of who the child’s father was. But that her mother (now deceased), referred to as “A” in some articles, was well and truly aware and indeed had friends or relatives in that colony. The mother discovered the horrific truth in the mid-70’s, according to the source, believed to be a close relative and confidente of the child’s mother, until recently. The mother who is referred to as “V”.

The child was adopted out and was born in Australia.

According to the source. The child tracked her birth mother down in the early ’90’s. The mother “freaked”. She acknowledged that she was indeed her mother but didn’t want to meet her, but gave her some information regarding her background. But nothing was published as to exactly what. The girl/woman probably is unaware of who her father is(?)

The child had enclosed a few snapshots. One being a close-up of herself and the second, of her 2 children; A baby girl and a toddler son. The mother was quoted as commenting on how the child had an “eerie and uncanny” resemblence to Josef Mengele. That she had “hauntingly beautiful blue eyes”. But what affected the mother more was that both Mengele and his daughter had a mole on the left side of their faces, in almost an identical position. The child had blonde hair, whereas Mengele’s was darker. Otherwise, apparently she was said to have a very strong resemblence to her infamous father.

If that woman, who was referred to as “J” put all the pieces together. It would probably be enough to get her thinking, as there’s the issue of a private adoption, and certain conditions we involved. One being their race! Another, I believe, was religion. Mengele’s parents were strict Catholics.

They stated the child was 4 weeks premature. Apparently Mengele referred to her as “his early birthday present” or “another early birthday present”. This makes sense. Mengele’s birthdate is March 16. His son Rolf’s is March 11. Therefore it would be fair, to my way of thinking, to assume his daughter was born between March 1 and March 15 1961. There was other information too, and to be honest. The whole thing has me really thinking. What would you do if you found out your father was one of the 'so called', most hated men in history?

I’d be interested in any feedback. It’s an issue, I have never thought about before, but there must be many children out there whose father, or less likely, mother is an almost universal hated figure. And they are unaware of it. The law of averages says some MUST discover the truth. What a nightmare! If the pieces are put together from the things I have read on various Jewish, Nazi and non-Jewish forum sites etc. Since the child knew enough to trace her birth mother. I think she would well and truelly have enough information to really wonder whether it could be her they are talking about. In other words, she could trace herself!

There is a poll about Mengele’s daughter at

Check it out.

UPDATE: It appears the mother has headed for the hills. According to several articles. She has flown the coup to the Barossa Valley in the state of South Australia. This area has a large German population.

I wonder if she intends telling her daughter the truth about her father before someone tracks her down..and they will. I would not like to hear something like that from the media or worse. - On some TV news show!

*Some information obtained from Wikipedia; Internet Encyclopaedia. eek
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Re: War Criminal Dr. Josef Mengele's Illigitimate Daughter Found - 05/31/05 05:18 AM

Josef Mengele
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Josef Mengele
Dr. Josef Mengele (March 16, 1911–February 7, 1979) was a Nazi physician who performed experiments that were condemned as murderously sadistic on prisoners in Auschwitz. He personally selected over 400,000 prisoners to die in gas chambers in Auschwitz.

Mengele's nickname was Beppo; he was called the Angel of Death by camp inmates.

Mengele was born in Günzburg, Bavaria, eldest of three sons of Karl Mengele (1881–1959) and his wife Walburga (d.1946), well-to-do industrialists. His younger brothers were Karl Mengele (1912–1949) and Alois Mengele (1914–1974). In 1926, Josef Mengele was diagnosed with osteomyelitis. Osteomyelitis is a bacterial infection of bone and bone marrow which causes inflammation and can lead to a reduction of blood supply to the bone. Josef studied medicine and anthropology at the University of Munich, the University of Vienna and the University of Bonn. At Munich he obtained a doctorate in Anthropology (Ph.D.) with a dissertation in 1935 on racial differences in the structure of the lower jaw, supervised by Prof. Theodor Mollison. After his exams he went to Frankfurt, working as an assistant to Otmar von Verschuer at the Frankfurt University Institute of Hereditary Biology and Racial Hygiene. In 1938 he obtained a doctorate in medicine with a dissertation on "Clan examinations at lip-jaw-palate-cleft."

In 1932, at the age of 21, Mengele joined the Stahlhelm, Bund der Frontsoldaten (Steel Helmet, League of Front Soldiers); this organization was incorporated into the SA in 1933, but Mengele resigned shortly thereafter, alluding to health problems. He applied for Nazi party membership in 1937 and in 1938 he joined the SS. In 1939, Mengele married his first wife, Irene Schoenbein. From 1938 to 1939 he served for six months with a specially trained mountain light infantry regiment. In 1940 he was placed in the reserve medical corps, following which he served with a Waffen-SS unit. In 1942 he was wounded at the Russian front and was pronounced medically unfit for combat, and promoted to the rank of SS-Hauptsturmführer (Captain). His next assignment was at Auschwitz, where he replaced another doctor who had fallen ill. On May 24, 1943 he became medical officer of Auschwitz-Birkenau's so-called gypsy camp. In August 1944, this camp was liquidated and all its inmates gassed. Subsequently Mengele became Chief Medical Officer of the main infirmary camp at Birkenau. He was not, though, the Chief Medical Officer of Auschwitz - superior to him was SS-Standortarzt (garrison physician) Eduard Wirths.

Josef Mengele
It was during his 21-month stay at Auschwitz that Dr. Mengele achieved infamy, and it is for this period that he was later referred to as the "Angel of Death". Mengele was usually part of the medical delegation which met incoming prisoners, determining which would be retained for work and experimentation, and which would be sent immediately to the gas chambers.

Of particular interest to Mengele were twins; beginning in 1943, twins were selected and placed in special barracks. Almost all of Mengele's experiments were of dubious scientific value, ignoring the lack of ethics involved, including attempts to change eye color by injecting chemicals into children's eyes, various amputations and other brutal surgeries, and in at least one case attempting to create an artificial conjoined twin by sewing the veins in two twins together; this operation was not successful and only caused the hands of the children to become badly infected. Subjects of Mengele's experiments were almost always murdered afterward for dissection, if they survived the experiment itself.

Josef Mengele left Auschwitz and went to Gross-Rosen concentration camp. In April 1945, he fled westward disguised as a member of the regular German infantry. He was captured as a POW and held near Nuremberg. He was released by the Allies, who had no idea that he was in their midst. After hiding as a farm laborer in Upper Bavaria, Mengele departed for Argentina in 1949, where many other fleeing Nazi officials had also sought refuge. Mengele divorced his wife Irene, and in 1958 married his brother Karl's widow, Martha. She and her son moved to Argentina to join Mengele for a time, although both returned to Europe only a few years later.

His family at home backed him financially and he prospered in the 1950s, first operating a toy-workshop and later was an associate in a small pharmaceutical enterprise. After this short period, however, Mengele lived rather poorly. In 1959 he went to Paraguay, and from 1960 he lived in Brazil until his death in 1979, when he suffered a stroke while swimming in the ocean and drowned.

Despite international efforts to track him down, he was never apprehended and lived for 35 years hiding under various aliases. Adolf Eichmann's capture and trial by Israel prompted Mengele's fears and frequent movements, and the Mossad tracked him for a time, but Israel's efforts were directed towards normalizing relations with Paraguay and fighting enemies closer to home. He was not tracked down by Nazi hunters until 1985, when his body was found and identified after a combined effort of American, West German and South American authorities. In 1992, DNA tests confirmed his identity.

Mengele has also been used as a fictionalized literary and movie character, featured prominently in The Boys from Brazil and as part of an amalgam of Nazi doctors in Marathon Man. He was the subject matter of the song Angel of Death, the opening track on Slayer's 1986 album, Reign in Blood.

Mengele is believed to have an illegitimate daughter born to an Australian woman of German lineage. After a liaison between the two when the woman, aged 23, and her mother and brother, visited the German Colony in Paraguay in mid-1960. The child was born in Melbourne, Australia. Most likely between March 1 - 15, 1961. She was adopted privately.

Mengele also received an iron cross first class, and an iron cross second class, for bravery in combat.

External links
A detailed profile in the Crime Library (
A timeline of his life (
Chicago Tribune Magazine: "How Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele cheated justice for 34 years" ( by Gerald Posner and John Ware
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Re: War Criminal Dr. Josef Mengele's Illigitimate Daughter Found - 05/31/05 05:29 AM

I've heard this story before.

The Barossa Valley area in South Australia (which is world famous for it's wine growing) isn't all that heavily populated, being about 15,000 people in all. There are many German families there.

The Angel of Death spent the last years of his life supposedly in Brazil and when he died on February 7, 1979 was buried in a grave marked 'Wolfgang Gerhard' whose identity he had assumed. The body was exhumed in June of 1985 for forensic identification but I'm not aware of the results.

He supposedly suffered from osteomyelitis from a young age.

I think he'd have to go down in history as one of the most vile and disgusting humans that ever lived. A really sick and twisted man.
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Re: War Criminal Dr. Josef Mengele's Illigitimate Daughter Found - 05/31/05 08:56 AM

Hi American Idiot & Welcome.

It would be a terrible shock, wouldn't it, to find out that your birth mother or father was considered to be truly evil!

You might wonder if you had inherited something from them.
You might worry that you could be hated and reviled for sharing their blood.

An awful thing to discover, I imagine. I think that a lot of people in such circumstances would need counselling.
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Re: War Criminal Dr. Josef Mengele's Illigitimate Daughter Found - 05/31/05 09:48 AM

I was adopted out at six weeks of age. I remember when I first started searching for my natural mother I was told all sorts of horror stories as to what she could be. I was willing to take the risk though.

I remember when I first met her she was everything a mother should be, a very kind and caring woman who'd always regretted giving me up for adoption but she was only 18 at the time and had no choice.

I think if I'd found out my father was someone like Mengele I'd have been physically ill. Imagine the excitement of finally tracking down that lost parent only to find out that he/she was a monster in the true sense of the word.

I'm sure his daughter would want to remain anonymous and for her sake I hope they never find her. Not only for her own sake but imagine what her children would go through if the media circus aren't there got a hold of it all.
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Re: War Criminal Dr. Josef Mengele's Illigitimate Daughter Found - 06/28/05 02:06 AM

The Australian born daughter of Dr. Josef Mengele, has been forewarned by a cousin calling herself, Gabrielle, of her birth mother, whose name is apparently, Valerie. The cousin knowing full well that sooner or later with all the information available. She would be traced.
Better to hear it from a family member than the media.
Now. From sources on the 'Net, it is determined that his daughter is attempting to contact Mengele's family which the majority are located in the Bavarian town of Guenzburg. Where Mengele, himself, was born on March 16, 1911.
She is apparently asking if a DNA test or something along those lines is possible. So as she can know 100%.
She is taking it very well, from what I can surmise from what I have read.
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Re: War Criminal Dr. Josef Mengele's Illigitimate Daughter Found - 06/28/05 10:25 AM

Interesting bits of information but apparently in Australia this is totally unknown.

How about giving us the link for these 'sources on the net' and if these are in fact or fiction.
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Re: War Criminal Dr. Josef Mengele's Illigitimate Daughter Found - 07/15/05 02:24 AM

I'll have to find the correct URL's for a few of them. And get back to you. It may not be till tomorrow or Sunday. As my kids monopolise the 'Net and they'll be back soon. Maybe if I beg them ! LOL! There are a few Australian websites carrying this story. But some are sites which include an Australian section. Therefore you wouldn't find them.
Besides, until the Mengele family acknowledge the child. It's not really a story for the mass media, but rather for Internet sites with a specific interest. Ditto offline publications.
I'll find the links I know. You may choose to believe or not to believe them. That's your perogative. Quite frankly, and I have discussed this with others, I believe there is too much information for it to be fiction and besides, if it were. The Mengele family would be claiming exactly that. Don't you think?
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Re: War Criminal Dr. Josef Mengele's Illigitimate Daughter Found - 07/15/05 06:09 AM

I'll look forward to reading the links. But you have to remember, not EVERYTHING written on the net is gospel. If it is true, I hope they never contact her, it'd be horrific knowing that was in your family background.

My mum's got a friend who works at one of our television stations in the news media and is going to check there too.

Remember when War of the Worlds was a radio show? How many thousands went into panic mode believing it to be true?
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Re: War Criminal Dr. Josef Mengele's Illigitimate Daughter Found - 07/15/05 11:06 AM

I've just had a bit of a look around the net and the links that have this I found, seem to be somewhat dubious. I'll wait for your links though American Idiot.

Nothing has come out in Australia about this at all to date and we have plenty of media hounds here who'd be more than willing to risk their reputations on for something like this.

All I've found is that he is 'believed' to have fathered a daughter here. I hope for her sake that if this is in fact true, that she's left in peace. What a horrifying thought knowing that this monster could have been her father.
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Re: War Criminal Dr. Josef Mengele's Illigitimate Daughter Found - 07/18/05 08:41 PM

Yes, thanks American Idiot, I too would like to be able to check out this info.

My earlier comments are here:;f=8;t=000128;p=2

I haven't discovered anything about this subject that I would consider to be reliable evidence.

I'm sure that it's quite possible that Mengele had a daughter and that she was never told the truth about him. It's also possible that the secret has been leaked out.
But, how do we know what is true and what isn't?

How can we be sure that the daughter exists?
How can we be sure that she was never told the truth about her father?
How can we be sure that she knows the truth now?
How can we be sure that she has tried to contact the Mengele family?
How can we be sure about any of this?

Personally, I think that, if this is all true, then she and all concerned should just be left in peace.

As Nikkums says: not EVERYTHING written on the net is gospel.

And as Sonia says: I hope for her sake that if this is in fact true, that she's left in peace.
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Re: War Criminal Dr. Josef Mengele's Illigitimate Daughter Found - 07/18/05 09:18 PM

Well I've heard back from the friend of my mum who works for the television station in the news department.

He's done some checking around and says he's heard nothing about this at all in Australia and is of the opinion it could be a rumour as some of the sites he found recorded information on were 'less that reputable'. That's just his opinion though.

He's checking further into it and will get back to me.
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Re: War Criminal Dr. Josef Mengele's Illigitimate Daughter Found - 01/16/22 10:52 AM

This is old history post by now but myself as a new historian am writing a book and came upon these posts and like all involved in history wanted to clarify matters. Those Australian sites were removed by persons...But the truth was this women looking for the birth mother was a con women looking for a dollar from the Mengele family and was aided by a slick criminal partner but she was never accepted by the German Mengele family. The DNA test was just a rouse. Mengele never had an illegitimate Australian daughter but did have another child born abroad to a another wife.
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Re: War Criminal Dr. Josef Mengele's Illigitimate Daughter Found - 01/18/22 11:53 PM

For further information, Josef Mengele had two further marriages- one to an Austrian younger wife in South America who passed away (child together) and later another marriage. Most but not all of the printed accounts of his life and death in South America are conveniently inaccurate but popular in myth.
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