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Tonic/Soda Water

Posted By: TigerBluEyez

Tonic/Soda Water - 01/27/07 06:33 PM

I think I read on another forum that somebody gives their keets tonic water. Is this bad for birds? Just curious.
Posted By: Coco's Mama

Re: Tonic/Soda Water - 01/27/07 06:48 PM

Bitter lol. Tonic water is super high in sugar my Dad used to love it but since he is on the borderline for diabetes he can have it . I am no expert but if it's too much sugar for my Dad, a lil' budgie hmmmmm I don't think I would do it.
Posted By: Sara_Bandit_Ty

Re: Tonic/Soda Water - 01/27/07 06:52 PM

niether would i
Posted By: TigerBluEyez

Re: Tonic/Soda Water - 01/27/07 07:11 PM

Thanks, I personally hate the stuff but I was just wondering. smile
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