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One Year Old

Posted By: Alyssa

One Year Old - 07/05/06 09:02 PM

Well.. I don't know his exact age. But today, I have had Cosmo for a full year. smile I plan on giving him a lot of veggies and making a few toys.

Everyone wish him 'Happy Birthday'!

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Cencored... xD
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: One Year Old - 07/05/06 09:06 PM

gee he doesn't look a day over 3 months. Happy Birdday Cosmo and Happy birdie Mothers day Alyssa
Posted By: Alyssa

Re: One Year Old - 07/05/06 09:14 PM

I know! It doesn't feel like I've had him for a year, either. The only thing that really shows how old he is is how bonded he is with me.

This morning I woke up at around 7 am with a splitting headache. I went to take something and go back to bed, even though I didn't turn any lights on Cosmo was clinging to the cage watching me with I came back (at the very bottom, where the blanket doesn't reach). So I pulled up the blanket and whispered "go to sleep, go to sleep cosmo" a few times. I figured I'd need to put him back up top myself as usual, because when he gets up like that he always sits there watching me even after I lay down, but he started slowly climbing back up to his sleeping perch while chirping quietly at me. He would stop and look back at me since I was pulling the blanket down too. He would stop and stay still if I stopped saying go to sleep. But he went up there and went to sleep.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: One Year Old - 07/05/06 09:24 PM

such a good birdie. My lovebirds start making a racket as soon as they hear me in the a.m., but the budgies stay quiet until I talk to them and start removing the cover. I have them all too spoiled and they want breakfast at 6 a.m. and not a moment later.
Posted By: Cristina

Re: One Year Old - 07/06/06 06:37 AM

Awe Cosmo!! Happy 1st Birthday!! May you live many many more years!

How time goes by so quickly...Cuchito turned 3 in March and he's still a baby to me.
Posted By: zeenarox5

Re: One Year Old - 07/06/06 07:48 PM

Happy Birthday Cosmo! Hope your mommy spoils you with love and toys! ( not that she wouldn't :-) lol.
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