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Is this playing?

Posted By: Rocky

Is this playing? - 04/26/06 07:05 PM

Today when i had joey out on my finger, i tried placing all sorts of things to his beak to see if he would do anything with them, when it came to some paper, he decided to have alittle chew.

So then what i did, is i put a small paper ball and held it in my lips and he leant forward and started nibbling away at it, we done this a few times.

Later i got some shreds of paper and punched holes in them, i held one end in my mouth and he chewed and pulled at the other end.

It was kind of like tug-a-war, do you think he saw it in the same playful way as i saw (and hoped he did) too?
Posted By: jessabean

Re: Is this playing? - 04/26/06 07:11 PM

mika loveesss biting holes in paper, im sure if i let her continue to nibble on my notebook i could have said... the bird ate my homework! i have chunks missing out of books from me leaving the room for a second to find piles of paper on my desk from her chewing the pages out! i dont know what the fascination is tho..
Posted By: stewie

Re: Is this playing? - 04/26/06 07:16 PM

heres an idea for you if you can crumbel a peice of paper then use a needle and thread it through the paper then hang it maybe your bird would like that because it loves paper
Posted By: jessabean

Re: Is this playing? - 04/26/06 07:22 PM

i think that budgies like chewing and nibbling on things tho, so ur bird probably saw it as a game, advice for people tho!!! never underestimate what ur bird will chew on!

i left the room once, for 2 minutes TOPS, i was dumb, i left my $400 SIDEKICK on my bed, cover open, i come into the room and see 7 letters bitten off the keypad, which cannot be replaced.. i was SO MAD at mika for that. but it wasnt her fault, mine for leaving it open, she didnt know the price or what it was.
Posted By: jeraco77

Re: Is this playing? - 04/26/06 09:10 PM

I bet he was being playful.

I have chunks missing from things as well - Sweetie loves when i read a magazine, or a menu, anything he can stand on my hand & shred/nibble on too. He wont go near it if i place a piece in his cage which is weird, but if 'mommy's'(me) holding it - he'll play/shred it for fun.

Stewie, maybe i'll try your idea too... & Hang it up for him.
Posted By: victor

Re: Is this playing? - 04/26/06 11:10 PM

Yes Rocky it sounds like playing and I really think you are doing very well.
I will be the devil's advocate here and suggest that you NOT hang paper in the cage - at least for now - and especially because you are with Joey much of the day. You should continue with interactive play - to promote bonding with you. You want him to look forward to that game with you, rather than allow him to satisfy this need on his own. If you were away from him most of the day then I would be fine with leaving it in there - but since it is a good quality interactive game right now, I would continue as you are.
This may/or may not gross you out - but you may want to offer a bit of food from your mouth too - if he is eating lettuce now - you could offer him a leaf. This is also good bonding and very natural to them since parakeets feed each other as they are pairing up.
Posted By: Weepingddragon

Re: Is this playing? - 04/27/06 03:40 PM

I got a question, i bring my birds outside with their food and i make sure they see their food but they always get on rocks and start chewing and pecking the rocks, is this bad or are they just playful/?
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