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rare parakeet

Posted By: marion

rare parakeet - 03/27/06 08:27 PM

on our receid from the petstore, they say it's a rare keet.
does anyone know, what this means?

Posted By: Kiwi x3 Peeps

Re: rare parakeet - 03/27/06 08:29 PM

what does the keet look like?
Posted By: marion

Re: rare parakeet - 03/27/06 08:34 PM

it is the blue one on the picture
Posted By: mamakeet

Re: rare parakeet - 03/27/06 08:36 PM

Yeah because they are a rare mutation. They are just like the albino's . Not many of them ! Hard to find.
I don't know if this will help but, here is a link that might help you understand their genetics.
I hope i helped a litte! I don't know much on the subject but a little. Any other question you might have you should talk to Jloc! He is pretty good on this matter and he is the one that tought me the little I know.
Good luck!
Posted By: Kiwi x3 Peeps

Re: rare parakeet - 03/27/06 08:36 PM

nothing seems rare.. maybe because its blue not green, the most common color of keets...
Posted By: marion

Re: rare parakeet - 03/27/06 08:43 PM

he's blue and turqois and has a yellow head
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: rare parakeet - 03/27/06 11:08 PM

Yes that actually is rare coloring.. my Shadow was a rare parakeet also.. you cannot not tell well from the picture but she is this dark sky blue, white, gray, and then has purple cheecks and a light purple shadow on the back of her head... I have seen her coloring before but like they said it has to do with genetics.. Both of your birds however are beautiful !..
Posted By: sixbirds

Re: rare parakeet - 03/27/06 11:10 PM

like my sarah and sauron are rare keets?
Posted By: sixbirds

Re: rare parakeet - 03/27/06 11:12 PM

well..i know for a fact that sauron is..ive never seen another bird like him smile
Posted By: Cully's Mom

Re: rare parakeet - 03/27/06 11:15 PM

Cully is also called "rare". I'm trying to remember what someone said about that... but I also think it has to do with being a recessive pied.
Posted By: DyersEve726

Re: rare parakeet - 03/27/06 11:31 PM

Rare is simply anything that is not the natural green and yellow mutation with the normal striping pattern.
Posted By: Jloc

Re: rare parakeet - 03/27/06 11:32 PM

I see the rare keets at all the petsmarts. They are just any keet that is not a standard blue or standar green. If they look different, like have strange markings, all white, all yellow, or any mix of them they are considered rare. And actually in those bins of keets you can find some very rare birds, it's random though, I don't see them that much. All of the ones in those rare boxes are actually rare, compared to what the average keet looks like. I always love to look though those boxes because some of the most beautiful ones come from there. Other than that they are the same birds. My favorites are the cobalt blues with yellow faces, I just love them, I live in San Diego and the Chargers is our football team, so we call those cobalt blue yellowfaces "Charger Birds", just our family calls them that, because they have the same coloring as the chargers do,lol. Lame story I know but I always love seeing those ones. They are always in the rare cage.

Like was saying, Cullys bird is a recessive pied, that can be considered rare bird, and on top of that Cully is also a Dilute, you can tell by the color blue, we all know the normal blue that is common, if the color is much lighter like Cully is or like my Frodo is then they are considered a Dilute, so Cully is a Dilute Recessive pied, a beautiful one too, I think the color of Cully is called Sky Frost blue. And on the other side of the coin if they are much darker or purple then they can be called violets or colbalts. There are so many different mutations, any bird that doesn't have the standard look is rare and most mutations even of the same mutation don't look them same, so they are very unique. I love all of them rare and not, keets are just amazing creatures to me, and I know all you guys feel the same. Well best wishes, I know this post I just did is probably confusing, I don't think I did a good job explaining, maybe the people that know about all the mutations can understand it but I am not sure, sorry I hope it helped a bit. Best of luck. Jloc
Posted By: Cully's Mom

Re: rare parakeet - 03/27/06 11:51 PM

I found this on Lisa's site... but Jloc explained it much better!

Jloc - Cully says thank you for the compliment! smile
Posted By: Cully's Mom

Re: rare parakeet - 03/27/06 11:53 PM

Oops... guess the link would help! DUH!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: rare parakeet - 03/28/06 12:00 AM

All I know is I just love em all...! I want to kiss them and hug em.. and call em mine.. YOU ALL BETTER HIDE YOUR BIRDS!

Just kidding of course... but I really do love them all!
Posted By: Kiwi x3 Peeps

Re: rare parakeet - 03/28/06 01:02 AM

is storm rare? hes like a blue-ish gray body with a pale yellow head... that would be considered rare because its not the green like kiwi, right?
Posted By: Jloc

Re: rare parakeet - 03/28/06 01:09 AM

Right. Jloc
Posted By: Beth C

Re: rare parakeet - 03/28/06 01:21 AM

well Snape is a really dark blue with a yellow head, and hedwig is pure white...arent these colors hard to find?
Posted By: Carlyn

Re: rare parakeet - 03/28/06 01:23 AM

sorry about that, my mom left her name signed in
Posted By: Jloc

Re: rare parakeet - 03/28/06 01:26 AM

Blue with a yellow face is always considered rare as is an all white one. Some places mark them rare some don't like already said it's marketing by the stores, they are easier to sell than normal keets, and what tells you they are the same is they are the same price, I have never seen the rare ones more expensive than regular ones.

BTW Your welcome Cully!
Best wishes and best of luck. Jloc
Posted By: pretty bird

Re: rare parakeet - 03/28/06 02:16 AM

Marion you have the bird I want. It looks just like the one the breeder in town has. I told him if he gets one like that I want it!!!!!! I thought it was so beautiful.
Posted By: luvinkmhs

Re: rare parakeet - 03/28/06 02:21 AM

The lady at the store told me that rare was just a terminology for the coloring...ALl the ones in that cage had white with small amounts of blue..then they had a cage with the green ones and then one with the light blue ones like pretty bird has...
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