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Posted By: atc_jason

NEED HELP!!! URGENT - 03/27/06 12:47 AM

Ok, I really need some help, hopefully someone on the message board can provide it quickly we are so worried.
3 weeks ago a stray cat had 4 kittens in our garage. She abandoned them at 1 and 1/2 weeks. We've been feeding and stimulating them like we're supposed too and I thought they all were healthy! But now one of the kittens appears to be dying. His back legs are paralized, and he can't meow, he makes no noises. Also he has started breating heavily. It's so sad watching him try to walk and play and meow. Can anyone offer advice. He needs to see the vet but they are not open!!
Posted By: Skittles and Peaches

Re: NEED HELP!!! URGENT - 03/27/06 12:56 AM

That's awful they aren't open...are you sure there's not another in town?

I don't have much to offer, just my best wishes (and that I applaud you for taking on the abandoned kittens). Keep us updated.
Posted By: Cully's Mom

Re: NEED HELP!!! URGENT - 03/27/06 01:36 AM

If the vet doesn't have an emergency number, then I don't really have any ideas on what else to do.

Its possible the mother didn't actually abandon them, something may have happened to her. Its wonderful you're trying to nurse them along. Its a rewarding thing to do.

Good luck with the kitten, and let us know what happens.
Posted By: Lindzey and the Gang

Re: NEED HELP!!! URGENT - 03/27/06 03:22 AM

Have you tried getting them to poop? You need to get a warm cloth/towel and stroke the kittens rump. Stroke where the poop comes out, and also underneath him.

Has he been bloated lately? Feel around his stomach for small lumps or incaved parts. There are usually pet hospitals that can give you over-the-phone advice or at-home emergency numbers for your vet.

Good luck, and I would do a google search. I wish you the best...

I would also look up information on DIABETIC cats/kittens. Look for symptoms and treatment. I have that this site had some good symptoms.

Lindzey and the Gang
Posted By: blondelostnny

Re: NEED HELP!!! URGENT - 03/27/06 05:27 AM

You need to keep the kitten warm! and try the warm cloth to make her poop!!

Shes prob not getting the nutrition she needs, are you just feeding her regualr cow milk?? My aunt takes in litters of kittens from the pound to take care of till they're mature enough to be adopted! She feeds them Pediasure (spelling??) the formula milk... idk if this helps or not but you do need to contact a vet asap!
Posted By: stewie

Re: NEED HELP!!! URGENT - 04/03/06 12:49 AM

ill keep the kittens in my prayers best of wishes maybe you can take them to petco
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