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headwigs dead(albino)/ keets for sale

Posted By: arrow564

headwigs dead(albino)/ keets for sale - 03/11/06 04:13 AM

head wig diad yesterday morning after just 3 days with me she got verry weak and diad frown
i miss her so much not evin 12 houers after haveing her she was on my finger playing with me
amazing i know. frown
she would wait for me after school to play with me
she was beaing picked on by the others but she was a fighter but i had no idea that she was beaing starved by the others (she was pooing good and on a reguler baces to) mad
the vet told me after looking at the body
i was soooo furious and still am mad
i can nolonger bear to look at them espesially after the funiral this mourning mad
i gave her a proper islamic funiral
i wrapped her in a white cloth and buirred her in the backyard and said a prayer
every time i look at the others how they wont even step up and how buckbeak has just compleatly forgotten her training and how they kept tourchering hedwig and not letting her eat and i wont to scream mad mad
i have decided after a lot of thinking that i will sell them and start anew
i will not get 3 keets whom i have no concern over the age but a single baby that has JUST arrived at the petstor that day and i will begun training imedeatly
dont try to discurrig me or tell me off i have spokin to manny people abought this and have thought aboutit and have made up my mind and will soon be posting pics of them with contact info

thank you

i you are interested please e-mail me at
Posted By: Shaylynn

Re: headwigs dead(albino)/ keets for sale - 03/11/06 04:20 AM

I'm very, very sorry about Hedwig. That's very sad. Are you ok?

Consider the fact that you loved both of your parakeets before you loved Hedwig. Through your frustration with them, do you still love them? They are living creatures, and so I ask you put thought into this. Maybe you could give them another try? Do what you think is best.
Posted By: scottbomb

Re: headwigs dead(albino)/ keets for sale - 03/11/06 04:22 AM

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Do you know for sure that the other keets starved her? How can you tell if you're at school all day? The vet may know that she was starving, but it could be her own doing. I've heard that birds will starve before eating unfamilar food. My point is, it might not be the other birds' fault.

I won't try to talk you out of selling them, but please don't hurt them or make them suffer. If they did hurt your baby, remember that they are animals and don't know better like us humans. They have their instincts and I've read that keets will (sometimes) kill a sick keet to protect the flock.

Please accept my condolences, but please make sure you've completely thought this decision through from all angles. You have a right to be sad and angry. But please - don't punish the others as they may be totally innocent.
Posted By: AyEe Y0o

Re: headwigs dead(albino)/ keets for sale - 03/11/06 04:24 AM

Oh man, I'm sorry to hear such news... R.I.P Head wig.
Posted By: arrow564

Re: headwigs dead(albino)/ keets for sale - 03/11/06 04:36 AM

no i would never be crule to them!! I will treat them wright up till the end wether that be death (NATURAL DEATH) or selling them
i have just come to realize that they will never be a close to me as i wont them to be and to me a pet should not be a decortion on the wall that your friends goggle over but a companion
to me if there is someone out there who may be able to train them give them a better life style then my incredubly low budget can handle then why not
i dont wont a pet i wont a companion
i dont think that animals are just that for gods sake humans are animals and MOST of the time we are worse then any animal that DOSENT know better atleast they dont drive planes in to buildings claiming its for islam and shi*ting on the GRATE name of islam infron of the whole world(wow went off topek a bit...)
but i wont a friend (dont get me wrong i have friends)but i dont wont to be a master wich is what is what i am to them the crule relentless master whom they do not wont to be with. if they dont wont me (and obviously dont) then i feel the best thing for them is to give them to someone whom they will like
Posted By: Cristina

Re: headwigs dead(albino)/ keets for sale - 03/11/06 04:42 AM

Arrow564, I'm so sorry, that is so sad. I'm sure you will be able to find them good homes. Good luck with everything and let us know how it works out.
Posted By: Shaylynn

Re: headwigs dead(albino)/ keets for sale - 03/11/06 04:46 AM

Arrow, I think you said that very well. And I think that from what you ahve explained, you are making the best decision for the birds AND you. That's very smart and respectful of you, and I hope it works out.
Posted By: arrow564

Re: headwigs dead(albino)/ keets for sale - 03/11/06 05:04 AM

Originally posted by Shaylynn:
Arrow, I think you said that very well. And I think that from what you ahve explained, you are making the best decision for the birds AND you. That's very smart and respectful of you, and I hope it works out.
thanke you soo much i really appresheat it
Posted By: Jloc

Re: headwigs dead(albino)/ keets for sale - 03/11/06 05:47 AM

I won't comment on the situation at hand, I feel differently about it, but you are your own person and you make the decisions with your birds. I will say that I am so sorry for your loss, I know how hard it is to lose a loved one, even just a new one. There are many things that could have caused your babies death, it could have been starving at the store and getting moved with all the stress could have done it, there really are million things that could have caused it, it's very possible your birds have nothing to do with your birds death, all birds will act like like that when a new one is brought in, they must establish who is boss, and usually the newest one is considered the lowest one and treated not as good as the others, thats all normal. It is best to keep new birds in their own cage for a couple weeks at least for quarantine and so the birds can slowly get use to each other, that way they hear and see the new bird before they get put together and so the new bird can learn to eat of out his/her dishes and water bottles. That method is important, I did that with my new English budgie Sam Wise and by the time I put the birds together they were super excited just to be able to hang out finally instead of just chirping at each other. So next time you can do it that way, it is much safer for all your birds, because new birds can be sick and pass on disease to your other birds.

Also I just wanted to mention if you want a bird as a companion then you need to just get one bird. Getting three will only make it 100x harder to train any of them. Two birds are very hard to train, I can't imagine what three birds will be. If you go buy three you will end up with the same thing happening. If you really want three, what you need to do is go buy one bird, make sure he has lots of toys to play with and a little radio to listen to while you are at school, then after you have that bird trained and it has bonded with you then go buy a second and do the same thing train the new one with the other bird until they are well trained and then after that start on your third bird. I must warn you to get a bird fully trained and bonded with you can take 6 months to a year. Yes it can happen in a week, but if you put that bird with another bird all your training will go out the door and you will again have two wild birds, if you give each bird 6 months to a year, they will bond with you well and stay trained, instead of going back to being wild. Honestly though like I said already if you want to have a companion then you should only get one bird. Also another bad thing about three birds is that often they will pair up and you will have two birds that love each other and preen each other and one that sits by themself and gets picked on. SOmetimes it will be ok but it's hard to know, if you do it slowly like I was saying than they would probably be fine to each other. It's all up to you but I highly recommend following what I mentioned, it will make things much better for you. I wish you the best of luck and best wishes and I am sorry for your loss. Jloc
Posted By: icequeen50

Re: headwigs dead(albino)/ keets for sale - 03/11/06 10:41 AM

Very well put Jloc. I am truly sorry that you have had such a sad time. Take care of yourself and best wishes for the future.
Posted By: blondelostnny

Re: headwigs dead(albino)/ keets for sale - 03/11/06 01:43 PM

I'm sorry about Hedwig but you shouldnt get rid of your other keets, you put Hedwig with them too soon, they got territorial, normal human nature!! Thats why you have to start them off in two different cages and let them get used to each other!

I dont think getting rid of them is the best thing to do, I understand your upset but its not like they did it to kill the bird! So maybe have another family member look after your keets for now, give yourself time and then take them back!
Posted By: Kiwi x3 Peeps

Re: headwigs dead(albino)/ keets for sale - 03/11/06 02:38 PM

thats too bad... good luck with finding them the right home and getting a good new baby bird laugh
Posted By: Kesai

Re: headwigs dead(albino)/ keets for sale - 03/11/06 02:52 PM

I am so sorry for your loss, I know how hard it is to lose a pet and it wasn't so long ago that I lost one of my parakeets Elly and the pain is still very fresh in my mind.

I think blondelostnny has a good idea letting someone watch your keets for awhile, when we're in grieving it's really hard to make objective decisions and while I am sure you've weighed this over many times, you might want to hold of on anything definitive till you've given yourself time to grieve. As many people mentioned there are a variety of reasons head wig may have starved. It took Kivan and Elly the first keets I got awhile before they'd try their new food and many keets do starve in the beginning b/c of that reason they don't feel secure enough to eat. In the future always quarantine the new birdies for a few weeks to make sure it's healthy and wont pass on sickness to your other keets, that it's eating, and has a chance to adjust to its new environment before introducing it to the other birds. If you want a strong bond between your bird then it is best to have just one or start at with one and work with the keet, it takes tremendous patience, they wont always take to you right away and you have to be persistant and try not to get pesimisstic when progress is slow or none existant they'll resond better if you're patient, calm, confident, and optimistic, then if you try and train them when your irritated and/or rushed. It can be such a slow process the training but don't give up, don't think it's just this bird that's unfriendly (it may be) but you can't approach them with that attitude.

I wish you the best and if you decide to give your keets away be sure and give them a good home. I also reccomend giving yourself some time to grieve before buying a new keet.
Posted By: Pickles & Penelope

Re: headwigs dead(albino)/ keets for sale - 03/11/06 03:43 PM

If Hedwig was pooping normally, she WAS eating.

Did you ever see him/her eating?

Even if you didn't, chances are, s/he was.

Did you buy any chance buy Hedwig from a petstore?

Why I want to know: my first parakeet was VERY docile, and was on my finger the day I bought him home. I thought he really liked me, too. He ate a lot, and his poops were normal, but suddenly he kept getting weak (after only having him a few days). I took him to the vet and the vet told me he starved to death.

Kind of a coincidence our stories are so similair.

What my bird had was a disease that wouldn't allow him to extract any nutrients from his food, so he kept eating, but was starving to death =(

If you're absolutely sure this can't be what was wrong, was your cage too small? You need a food dish for every parakeet, a water dish for each, etc. If you crowded them together, chances are they felt like there wasn't enough room and they got territorial.
Posted By: Carlyn

Re: headwigs dead(albino)/ keets for sale - 03/11/06 04:07 PM

arrow564, i know how u feel on losing a bird...i lost the bird of my life yesterday, and now i only have 1 keet left and hes very lonely...dont get rid of your keets to a stranger, give them to a family member for a while until the pain has passed...
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: headwigs dead(albino)/ keets for sale - 03/11/06 06:26 PM

I am sorry to hear about your loss.. that is very heartbreaking. You have a right to your feelings... and honestly if you cannot overcome your feelings of hurt towards your keets it would not be good for either you or them to be together..

I do not not think you are a bad person in any way... everybody deals with things differently and that is okay. From what you said it sounds like your keets are bonded together and not to you.. If this is case, then it should not be too traumatic on them if you find them a good home...

It is hard to lose something you love.. but try to forgive your birds no matter what. The vet does not know everything, he does not live with you and did not see... He is drawing conclusions.. Also if he was so sure why did he not pick up the bird wasn't eating and being picked on when you brought Hedwig in before for the check up?.. Did you ever think about that? How did he miss that on the checkup? If your keets were picking on Hedwig there would have been there signs then as well.. The point is you just never know.. It may have had to do with genetics.. it may have been your keets.. it may have been illness.... without labs you will never know.

I know it does not matter now.. It does not take away the hurt, and again I am truly sorry for you loss..

Jloc is correct though if you want a close relationship with your bird only get 1 to start.

Best of luck to you..and I truly hope you will be okay..
Posted By: arrow564

Re: headwigs dead(albino)/ keets for sale - 03/12/06 03:27 AM

thankes but my aunt has alreddy bought them
Posted By: arrow564

Re: headwigs dead(albino)/ keets for sale - 03/13/06 02:32 AM

its offisial they will be gone tomarrow
thankes all
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: headwigs dead(albino)/ keets for sale - 03/13/06 03:06 AM

I am happy you found them a good home!

Best of luck with your new bird or birds..
Posted By: arrow564

Re: headwigs dead(albino)/ keets for sale - 03/13/06 03:31 AM

thankes all
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