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New Albino Keet!!!!!!!

Posted By: arrow564

New Albino Keet!!!!!!! - 03/07/06 03:57 PM

Finally After a week of waiting the pet stor called me yesterday with news that they had just recived 80 new keets eek !!!!! and only 1 albino eek
so of cource i rushed down and grabed the albino
she is butifle so white she would make newly fallen snow look gray and magnificint ruby red eyes, and a butifal pink cear and feet and only for $20

she is 7 weeks old and is still verry shy smile
i cant wait to start taiming her she is soooooo cute!!! laugh laugh laugh
i named her Hedwig after harry potters snowy owl and renamed the other one Errol ( dont worry i still havent gotten them to the point where they recognise there names so no harm done :rolleyes: !!!)

i will get some pictures up as soon as i can!!!!!
Posted By: AyEe Y0o

Re: New Albino Keet!!!!!!! - 03/07/06 05:05 PM

Good luck and God bless... with the new keet! 0=]
Posted By: blondelostnny

Re: New Albino Keet!!!!!!! - 03/07/06 06:02 PM

thats awsome!! deffinatly looking forward to pics =)
Posted By: AyEe Y0o

Re: New Albino Keet!!!!!!! - 03/07/06 06:40 PM

Pictures, pictures, arghk, picturesS!!!! LOL! 0=]
Posted By: OdinLove

Re: New Albino Keet!!!!!!! - 03/07/06 08:53 PM

Hell yeah that is great I was there, and My baby Keet who is ALbino, Tears, is going to be six months old on Irish St. Patricks Day.
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