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marks gone

Posted By: Jenny_Leigh

marks gone - 02/09/06 11:15 PM

so mark died today while i was at school. i am so devestated. i knew it was coming though. last night when i came home from church he was fluffed up again and half of his body was paralyzed or something like that. he couldnt walk on his left leg. he was barely moving. i took him out and let him sleep on my chest with my hand cupped around him for 3 hours. i would put him in his cage and he would just stare out the door till i opened it and then he would struggle to get in my hand again. eventually he fell asleep with my hand in the cage and i gently placed him down. i put everything he need at the bottom with him and covered his cage and we went to sleep about 12:30. i woke up and he was barely breathing but i still had to go to school and when my dad picked me up he told me he passed on about noon. i came home and took down his cage and then we burried him in the backyard with his favorite toy and his perch. i love him and miss his so much. i feel so alone now cuz we used to do everything togeter. watch t.v, do my homework, he was always on my shoulder or playing. i am crying so hard as i type this. i wish i could have helped him more but i couldnt take him to the vet. i feel so bad and sad. when ever i think of him i always cry. i am not going to get another bird for a while, probably not till next year. i cant even think about getting another one with out weeping bitterly. when i get another one i will come back to the forums, intill then this is my goodbye.

R.I.P My little guy mark i love you and miss you so much.

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Posted By: Anonymous

Re: marks gone - 02/09/06 11:29 PM

Oh how sad Jenny. I know how much you loved Mark I am so sorry for your loss and my prayers are with you. Keep coming to the forums, maybe in a little while you will see what an honor it would be to Mark to give another budgie a great home like you gave him. ((((((Jenny_Leigh))))))) frown
Posted By: sixbirds

Re: marks gone - 02/09/06 11:30 PM

aww.. frown thats so sad.. frown
Posted By: Alyssa

Re: marks gone - 02/09/06 11:38 PM

I'm sorry Jenny. If he couldn't walk on his left leg, that sounds very much like he could have had a tumor pressing down on the nerves, in that case there was an almost certain chance there was nothing you could do other than surgery, but if it was cancerous it could spread even after being removed and he would just slowly and painfully die after the surgery. I'm not sure how old he is, but they can get tumors at a yongue again even though it's very rare to get them till 5-6 years of age.

He died knowing that you loved him. Its going to be hard to get over the loss, but you will. You're always going to miss him like crazy but eventually the happy thoughts wont hurt anymore, they will make you smile. A new bird will really help the process, I said I'd never get a new bird after Elkie died but I did about a week later and I was still very depressed but Cosmo was such a sweetheart and he helped me a lot. Before getting a new bird I moved my entire room around, put the cage somewhere different and completely revamped it (then got a new one), and made sure everything was for Cosmo now. I was terribly depressed for a while, so was my mom, even my dad cried when Elkie died and I've never seen him cry in my life (he doesnt know I seen him). We were all attached to her. But I promise you it wont hurt so terribly bad forever.

I wish you wouldn't leave the forums, if you do make sure you stay around people or stay active doing things. If you just sit and start thinking you're going to cry a whole lot. I stayed around my parents for a while and made sure I was always busy when I could be. When I got Cosmo I had to take care of him and I couldnt just lay down and cry all day.
Posted By: AyEe Y0o

Re: marks gone - 02/10/06 12:26 AM

Oh my God... (10 lines of silences for Mark)

I'm so extremely sorry, you know looking at the pictures and one particular when you're scratching his head inspired me to do it... and it worked for some time...

I hope you're OK...

God Bless.. R. I. P... Mark!
Posted By: AyEe Y0o

Re: marks gone - 02/10/06 12:28 AM

I'm sorry, I did the 10 lines, it didn't come out right as you see, like only 3 lines...

Ehhh... chin up!
Posted By: Frosty*Sonny*Cloud

Re: marks gone - 02/10/06 12:39 AM

That sounds so sad! frown frown frown Everyone's hearts are with you and Mark! It sounds like this was very rough...Keep yourself busy, and it won't seem as sad, but for now, I say grieve, that's the healthiest solution at this time. You're not alone. frown
Posted By: Nacho.

Re: marks gone - 02/10/06 02:10 AM

I'm so sorry to hear that.It's hard when a pet dies. Try to think of other things and when you think about Mark, think about the great times you had with him. You can always come to us if you need to talk about it.
Posted By: Kait

Re: marks gone - 02/10/06 02:32 AM

I'm really sorry to hear about mark, when I read the main title of this topic my heart sank. Its hard to lose someone close. Please continue to be an active member here smile
All the best, Kait
Posted By: brown hornet

Re: marks gone - 02/10/06 02:59 AM

Sorry for your lost frown here is a pic I made for Mark and you. You should stay on the forum we can all help you get through it. He is in a better place were he is not sick and is flying and watching you from above.

[Linked Image]
Posted By: Cristina

Re: marks gone - 02/10/06 03:05 AM

frown Oh Jenny, I'm so sorry. I had hope he would get better. My heart cries out for you. I know Mark will be missed.

It does help crying and letting those emotions out but don't be too hard on yourself, it's nobody's fault. I also think getting another keet is the best thing. I know Mark will be happy. Please take care and we hope you still continue in the forum. We are all here for you.

Rest In Peace Mark
Posted By: Blaze

Re: marks gone - 02/10/06 03:12 AM

Oh Jenny... that is so sad... lets have a moment of silence... I am so so sorry for your lost... I know it will be hard, but he isn't suffering anymore... he really died knowing you loved him deeply... I hope you won't be gone forever... good luck in the future and I will post something in my signature box for him... loosing pets are hard... loosing my dog right before CHristmas was hard... I wish you all the luck in the world...
RIP Mark... we all loved you without knowing you...
Posted By: paula k

Re: marks gone - 02/10/06 03:12 AM

SO sorry! Here is my poem to make you feel better.

God gave me a job to do
and that was to take care of you
You were my friend, my pal, my keet
So brave, so small but oh so sweet.
You lived with me as my friend
and now somehow my heart must mend.
I was here to help you grow
but you belong to HIM you know.
I will be strong and I will not cry
Now back to GOD you must fly.

I hope this helps you at this very sad time.
Posted By: Blaze

Re: marks gone - 02/10/06 03:23 AM

That was very nice Paula... it makes me cry... I loved it... even though it was so sad...
Posted By: Jloc

Re: marks gone - 02/10/06 03:30 AM

Gosh that is terribly sad, and trust me I know how you feel after just losing Sparky, also a tumor which as Alyssa said sounds like thats what was wrong with Mark, almost 100% sure on that. And in 99.9% of cases there is nothing to be done, so don't feel bad a vet would have told you nothing could be done so there is no worries.

I wish you reconsider getting a new bird, the way you must think about it is like this. You gave Mark a great life, took him from a bin where he has a very dull life, and you made his life the best it could be, and you must know that Mark would want you to do that for one of his brothers or sisters, give them a life like Mark had, there is no better way to make Mark proud than by taking in a new keet and giving it a wonderful life. No bird will ever replace Mark, but they all have their own personalities and are unique and all are equally great birds. So I know he would want you to honor him by helping another bird to have a great life. I know Sparky wanted that from us, and my dad didn't want another bird and he basically had talked my mom into not getting one, but I pressed the issue and soon she was thinking about it but wanted to wait a couple weeks, but then I said I went and looked and saw some very good birds and the next day she went just to look and came home with a bird. She is so happy she did and so am I. I know the loss is extremely hard to deal with and accept and it will hurt for a while, but you are honoring Mark by getting a new bird, he would be so happy you were kind enough to take another birds life and make it great. SO I wish you would think about it, and definately stick around here, we enjoy having you and even if you don't have a bird we would enjoy your company.

Well I wish you the best in life and I hope you come back very quick and also get a new baby bird soon, you will be very happy once you do. From the minute you bring him home you will be so happy and know that it was a good idea. Anyways thanks for sharing and we will miss you very much until you come back to us. Best wishes. Jloc
Posted By: Trinity & Trey's Mommy

Re: marks gone - 02/10/06 03:42 AM

Jenny I'm so sorry abouth that....I hope you aren't gone that long...well at least Mark had a good life and he will be missed

Posted By: AyEe Y0o

Re: marks gone - 02/10/06 03:57 AM

I guess it was
Mark's time to go,
Don't worry
You'll meet up with him
At the very end of the
Rainbow Road...

I've lost a friend a while ago,
Cricket was her name... yeah,
it really was tragic event
And yet
It caught me by suprise,
I found her laying on her back...,
later that same night
I went outside with her,
Said a little prayer for her
than I buried her
and left later that time...

I noticed the good of this Forum,
People here do care for one's lose,
For yours,
For mines,
and for every one that has lost a dear one, they're all waiting for you
at the very end of the Rainbow Road...

<< I got the Rainbow Road from everyone here >>

Good Luck and God bless...
Posted By: AyEe Y0o

Re: marks gone - 02/10/06 04:01 AM

Sorry if errors are seen, I wrote it too fast...
Posted By: 4kimpossible

Re: marks gone - 02/10/06 04:09 AM

Wow...I am very sorry to hear this. I will be praying for comfort to come your way. Take care!
Posted By: Cully's Mom

Re: marks gone - 02/10/06 05:26 AM

Oh Jenny, I'm SO sorry to hear of your loss! I know how your heart aches and I can't help but to ache for you. You were blessed to have him and he was blessed to have you!
Posted By: icequeen50

Re: marks gone - 02/10/06 10:50 AM

Dear Jenny, So sorry about Mark. He was a beautiful bird. He's just turned in a new winged friend that will always be there with you, a guardian angel. Please try not to leave us you can still help us by still staying on the forum. We need your help just as much as you need us. My heart is sad and heavy I will think of you as you get through this tough time. God speed your recovery and when your ready for a new pal I am sure you'll fall in love all over again. We all do.
Posted By: Capt. Haddock

Re: marks gone - 02/10/06 03:50 PM

Jenny, that's really terrible. My heart goes out to you and Mark.

I remember from your last thread, we thought he was doing better.

All things pass. Be strong and well.
Posted By: Reena

Re: marks gone - 02/10/06 03:56 PM

I'm So sorry to hear about the loss of your sweet pet. He's at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for you.
Posted By: WitchCatXeen

Re: marks gone - 02/10/06 07:31 PM

Aww... poor Mark. I know how it's like knowing a beloved pet is going to pass soon. I'm sending you comforting energies.
Posted By: Jenny_Leigh

Re: marks gone - 02/10/06 08:42 PM

thanks for all the comforting words guys, i really appreciate it. it helps to know so many people care. i'll drop in every now and then.
Posted By: Ragnorr

Re: marks gone - 02/11/06 12:59 AM

God bless you and yours in your time of grief.
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