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Parakeet Alarm clock

Posted By: arrow564

Parakeet Alarm clock - 02/09/06 06:04 AM

a stuped yet funny thing i was just wondering wether anyone elce used their keets as alarm clocks you know dont cover the cage and at sunrise they make there noise and wake you up
just wondering
Posted By: WitchCatXeen

Re: Parakeet Alarm clock - 02/09/06 06:18 AM

Yup! I've done that quite a bit. I try to cover it most of the time because a couple times when it was uncovered and I got up in the middle of the night I spooked him by accident and he freaked out.

But yeah, if he's covered, he'll be very very quiet until I wake up, turn music on, uncover his cage, etc. He's very polite in that way.
Posted By: arrow564

Re: Parakeet Alarm clock - 02/09/06 11:41 PM

lol i did it this morning
Posted By: Alyssa

Re: Parakeet Alarm clock - 02/09/06 11:44 PM

It's not a good idea to leave them uncovered all night. Being covered up makes them relax at night and they get a much more restful night sleep. It also keeps out any sudden drafts.
Posted By: DyersEve726

Re: Parakeet Alarm clock - 02/10/06 04:55 PM

I actually just keep them covered, but I use a sheet that will let light through when it's daylight. So they start making noise regardless but they still feel safe at night smile
Posted By: Reena

Re: Parakeet Alarm clock - 02/10/06 05:00 PM

Mine are always covered at night because they feel much more secure and it's a routine they expect now. It keeps any drafts out during the night. And I always leave a light on for them so that they don't have night frights. When I had tiels, now they used to wake me up covered or not.
Posted By: paula k

Re: Parakeet Alarm clock - 02/11/06 01:40 AM

I also cover mine at night. I have a cat and cats creep around at night. I don't want my keets to get scared if they should see the cat plus I think they are more relaxed and in a routine as well.
Posted By: icequeen50

Re: Parakeet Alarm clock - 02/11/06 03:49 AM

Yea, I keep mine covered at night, hey go to bed around 7pm and around 7 am I uncover them. one time i forgot and you could hear them making little chrppy sounds quitely to remind me they were waiting for the unveiling. To funny,I never get off the hook.
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