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Tuna Fish anyone??

Posted By: brown hornet

Tuna Fish anyone?? - 02/08/06 01:44 AM

Do any of you give your keets Tuna Fish? If so how do you give it to them do you mix it with anything?
Posted By: brown hornet

Re: Tuna Fish anyone?? - 02/09/06 07:01 PM

Is it good or no?
Posted By: Reena

Re: Tuna Fish anyone?? - 02/09/06 07:05 PM

I gave some to mine for the first time a week ago. For the most part, they ignored it. I will keep trying as it's supposed to be good for them.
Posted By: Alyssa

Re: Tuna Fish anyone?? - 02/09/06 07:50 PM

Tuna is a very good source of protein for birds. It's good to give them, just dont over do it - a few times a week. Make sure you buy the kind packed in water, not oil. And do not put anything in it.
Posted By: Polly

Re: Tuna Fish anyone?? - 02/09/06 09:43 PM

I personally have never heard of that laugh

Try it though, I'm interested smile
Posted By: icequeen50

Re: Tuna Fish anyone?? - 02/10/06 11:07 AM

I have to say this! I do not give my birds meat or fish of anykind (cutlebone yes). In the wild they do not live on meat. Why would you want to put something in there life that is so inportant especially food that is not natural. It is unatural enough for them to live in a cage and they do adjust, but for this is a metobolic isssue and i personally will not fed them what is not natural in food for them in the wild. i agree that they need other sorces of food, like veggies but that is not meat. I am sorry i don't want to afend anyone, it is just i don't agree with meat.
Posted By: LPG

Re: Tuna Fish anyone?? - 02/10/06 01:21 PM

icequeen you're absolutely right. In the wild these birds definitely don't get anything like tuna. I also don't agree with any form of meat for them, it's just not in their natural diet and there's plenty of other foods that can be given. My vet is totally against any form of meat for birds including fish, cuttlebone of course being acceptable as it's not really in the flesh form.
Posted By: AngelMama

Re: Tuna Fish anyone?? - 02/10/06 03:47 PM

Okay --- What about insects?
I know canaries and finches eat them in the wild. Does anyone know of parrots eatting insects?
Posted By: Reena

Re: Tuna Fish anyone?? - 02/10/06 03:48 PM

You know, no matter where you go on the internet, no matter which vet you talk to, what budgie owners you talk to, which forums you belong to... there is disagreement on the diet for budgies. There are owners and vets who are adamant about pellets being "THE" food and anyone not feeding their budgies pellets is in the wrong. There are strong advocates against pellets, that they cause renal failure. I've read from many veterinary sites that in the wild budgies will eat many things, including bugs. Everyone has their own idea of what's right. But I guess what's really right, is that no one really knows for sure what diet is appropriate and we just do our best to do the best for our little friends.
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