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Posted By: arrow564

Colors - 02/01/06 03:25 PM

what is your favorit color of parakeet
Posted By: jaykelvik

Re: Colors - 02/01/06 03:29 PM

i voted green due to this is the normal color of budgies and you can get all other colors from these birds but all colors are great
Posted By: AngelMama

Re: Colors - 02/01/06 04:05 PM

The only problem is Grey and Purple keets weren't listed
Posted By: jaykelvik

Re: Colors - 02/01/06 04:07 PM

yep lol
grey is classed as a common color now and violet is very hard color to get hold off lol

But saying that im having trouble getting my violets to breed lol abit off topic there sorry .lol
Posted By: Frosty*Sonny*Cloud

Re: Colors - 02/01/06 08:37 PM

I like white, the color of my parakeet now, but I've always wanted to own a pure yellow keet.
Posted By: gymnast70433

Re: Colors - 02/01/06 10:10 PM

I didn't know there were black keets
Posted By: climbtreez

Re: Colors - 02/01/06 11:27 PM

I really like multiple colors and purple parakeets. this pet store always had aqua and violet parakeets.

Are you sure there are black parakeets. Ive never seen them and I didnt see them on the types of parakeets list.
Posted By: Cristina

Re: Colors - 02/01/06 11:42 PM

The black parakeets are are mostly black face with stripes going across their faces, though some have the black stripes all over their body, pretty cool. Someone posted about this a few days back.

I like the greenies (hey, I got 2 myself) so I guess I'm sorta bias. But I also love lutinos and albinos and multi-colored and blues are cute also. I love them all but these are my favs.
Posted By: jaykelvik

Re: Colors - 02/01/06 11:46 PM

Black keets are very rare and are hard to get hold off but more and more are being breed this is a great sign off things to come.
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