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a parakeet pair concern

Posted By: shana

a parakeet pair concern - 03/17/19 04:36 AM

I have a female budgie that I have had for three years. In those three years she has never really gotten very friendly. She is tame in that she will step up on my finger when I go over to the cage but she doesn't seem to want anything much to do with me except for me to feed her. I got to feeling bad about it ( I have had three other parakeets before her and all of them were tame and friendly) so I got her a new budgie friend. I didn't want babies, so I got her a hen for a friend in January. I kept them in separate cages for four weeks and only let them start sleeping in the same cage when both of them seemed to hang out all the time in the big cage that the original female (Luna) lives. Things seemed to go well with only the occasional squabble over food ( I do have separate dishes in separate parts of the cage so each of them can eat undisturbed) and the squabbles seemed to mostly involve squawking at each other. In the beginning the new parakeet (khaleesi) who was hand weaned and I got her at about 8 weeks old, was friendly and she certainly steps up..but she has started to become a bit less friendly. I assume this is because of the interaction with the older parakeet. Today I looked over at the cage, after hearing a new kind of chirp, and saw khaleesi (the new parakeet) with her foot on top of Luna although it looked like they were kissing. I intervened. A few minutes later Khaleesi was fully on top of Luna although Luna didn't seem in distress. This behavior freaked me out a bit, so I put khaleesi back in her smaller taming cage to keep them separate. Should I be concerned about this behavior? I want to do what is best for both of my birdies. Thank you!!!!
Posted By: Rolandc

Re: a parakeet pair concern - 04/07/19 10:29 PM

My aunt owns a handful of budgies all in the same large cage. I will contact her and get back to you with what she says about it . Hopefully she'll have some insight I send share with you smile
Roland -
Posted By: shana

Re: a parakeet pair concern - 04/08/19 12:17 AM

Thank you. Now my parakeet Luna has laid six eggs. Three of them I took away and she kept laying, so then I let her have three and she has been sitting on them. I have now separated the two budgies. Khaleesi still wants to hang with Luna but she is just sitting on her eggs. I keep them separated now. Khaleesi is a girl bird though.....99% sure. So I don't think I will actually have any budgie babies. How long will a bird sit before getting bored? I feel like her laying bunches is bad for her, so I need to discourage that behavior.
Posted By: vijhon

Re: a parakeet pair concern - 04/08/19 10:43 AM

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Posted By: jack102

Re: a parakeet pair concern - 04/24/19 09:21 AM

You're going to be very busy looking after them!

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