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New Parakeet

Posted By: Markedg

New Parakeet - 06/03/18 06:23 PM

Hi All,
I live in Dublin, Ireland. We have had budgies before but not for the last 15 years.
My aunt and I decided to get a 'friendly' budgie. We paid extra for it as my aunt is not young and we really did not want to have to finger train the bird.
He told us to keep him in the cage for two weeks to get him used to us. After that time I called him and he said that he never said that even though we both heard it.
He said the bird would want to come to us, but I do not think he was trained at all. He was in an aviary with about 20 birds and he seems more interested with the birds outside.
He will get on my aunt's hand but it is hit or miss.
We have him not quite two months. He got on my finger yesterday and I was able to get him on the cage. Today I had to gently put my hand on him to get him inside his cage.
I am annoyed as I did not want to have to finger train him, that's why I went for the trained bird.
Do you think we will be able to train him or will he be a cage bird? His appetite is fine and I think he may be trying to talk. Apologies for the long post.
Posted By: Markedg

Re: New Parakeet - 06/05/18 06:41 PM

No one has any ideas on my post??
Posted By: satbend

Re: New Parakeet - 07/26/19 02:11 AM

I was going to reply but just saw your post is over a year old so either you've trained it by now or given up. I have 3 babies to train but I have a question. I saw somewhere else that the budgies was making sounds while opening and closing its beak. Mine are doing that too, but without sound. I don't know if they are mimicking me or not because I constantly sing, talk or whistle to them. Could this be copy-cat behavior? Also they were fluffing up the feathers right under the beak and looked very contented. I know they are relaxed if they fluff out body feathers and "talk" to themselves, but is the below the beak fluffing also relaxed? Even the untrained parents are looking a little more relaxed now.
Posted By: Waqa11

Re: New Parakeet - 02/07/20 05:23 PM

This is the first time I hear them train parrots! where can i read more about this?
Posted By: Deklor

Re: New Parakeet - 04/24/20 02:56 PM

Originally Posted by Waqa11
This is the first time I hear them train parrots! where can i read more about this?

Me too, need to search more on this question
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