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jealous birdie?

Posted By: satinstars

jealous birdie? - 08/24/13 02:29 AM

Hi all I just recently got a baby parrotlet Miss Lusi. I have noticed that sometimes when I talk to Lusi Miss Squiggles will make sort of a sneezing sound (kindof reminds me of a snort) Are Budgies prone to be jealous? and could this cause problems in the future?

*note* They are kept in separate cages but are in the same room

Miss Lusi

Miss Squiggles
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: jealous birdie? - 08/24/13 10:37 AM

it will cause issues if you try to let them out together or visit each others cages...keep cages well apart.

all birds can get jealous of each other...and all birds tend to be territorial even of their owners.

if sneezing is a regular daily thing I would watch out for any cleaners etc your using in the area for carpets or air freshing, perfumes ... whatever...even smoking as any of these can irritate the nasal passages of birds...and possibly even end up causing lung issues..

dirty ...dusty...or moldy food like what you would get from spray millets for instance can also cause sneezing

beautiful pictures.

Posted By: satinstars

Re: jealous birdie? - 08/24/13 01:04 PM

Thank you, your posts are always so helpful I'm going to clean out her cage today smile
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: jealous birdie? - 08/24/13 05:43 PM

cages for one bird do not have to be cleaned every especially with newer birds to let it go for say three bird does not get a cage that dirty especially if its a decent size...

and your welcome
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