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Tame? - 08/12/13 07:34 PM

I have had my female parakeet for 4 months now.
I have a question recently I have gotten squiggles to get on my finger when I take her into another room cover her cage (If I don't she flies to it and stays) so its just me and her. She runs a little at first and then gets on my fingers if I'm persistent. But she won't step up when she is in her cage but will let me stroke her and pet her when she is tired and every now and then. Also when if I put my hand in the cage and she moves away I take it out and she comes back and once she is on my finger in the bathroom she stays and allows me to move her around. Could I say she is tame and bonded with me? (In order to get her out of her cage I play videos for her) When I interact with her sometimes She puffs up and shakes her body and makes a sound that seems like a sneeze is this bad?
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Re: Tame? - 08/13/13 07:56 AM

No your bird is not considered tame at this point. A tame bird is a bird that is like a piece of velcro. The fact that she does not step up on command is an indication she is not fully trained.

I would suggest that when you are working with your bird try and offer your whole hand as a stepping area and not just a finger. To a bird fingers seem more threatening.

Some on this forum are advocates of perch training first. Using a wood perch or dowel to teach the step up command.

The reason your bird returns to the cage is for security and your bird does not feel safe out in the open because the trust level is not at that point with you yet.
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Re: Tame? - 08/13/13 12:14 PM

her cage is HER home so she would go to it...

are her wings clipped? Even a bird with clipped wings can fly "a bit". Especially if they are starting to grow in new flight you know if she is doing this??

by persistent I suspect you mean you kind of chase her around till ..she gets on your finger...this is not establishing trust as your basically forcing her to do this.

don't tire her out by chasing her around the cage trying to train her... this is just exhausting her and leaving her no choice...she gets on your finger because now she has been basically forced to do that.

a tame bird is more than willing to jump on your "hand" and want to be with you ...also don't move her to another room to train...train her from where her cage is normally kept...just make sure you have taken time to birdie proof the room in case she quickly manages to get by your hand and gets out.

it sounds like she is also coming out of the cage so if this is true how do you return her to the cage???

also do you try to take her out of the cage or does she come out on her own???

she is fluffing up like that because she is tired and you have worn her out...also are you grabbing her at all???

females are a bit slower to learn also...are you sure its a female as generally they cant be truly sexed till about 8 months old????

and perch training should come first...its more important than training to get on your "hand" not can buy a wooden dowel at any hardware dept in a store so buy a long one...don't use one from the cage.

until you answer all these questions it will be sort of difficult to give some advice... smile

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Re: Tame? - 08/13/13 03:48 PM

I got her from a pet store so her wings have been clipped but they are growing in a little now. I feel bad because I thought maybe if I could show her my hand was a safe perch it would be ok. I tried a perch at first and she just runs from it.She has come out on her own before when I started playing budgie chirping videos to coax her out (maybe not the best method but then again this is my first time owning/training a parakeet) She has gotten out before I usually try to take her cage close to her and most of the time she will go right back in. I have had to grab her once before but that was when I first got her 4 months ago she got out and was going wild around the house I was worried about her safety. I feel pretty positive it is a female most of the bars are gone off her head and her cere is pink. The vet also confirmed the sex. Today I placed my hand in the cage with some food and she walked up on my hand for a second and ate a seed or two before flying off so I'm guessing I the bond hasn't totally been destroyed and she will allow me to pet her stomach every now and then.
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Re: Tame? - 08/13/13 05:18 PM

first of all vet or not sex is determined at 8mos of age if she or he is not that old the cere will still be what you have said does not indicate age...or sex because I am not sure even what you mean when you say MOST of the bars

a picture posted here would be very helpful

go to and you can open a free acct and upload pictures to there then post here.

do not feed food from your hands...this will and does encourage biting and does nothing to affect trust or training in reality...

ill get back a little later supper is on here and I have to tend to it...

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Re: Tame? - 08/13/13 06:53 PM


What I mean by bars are the black markings on the head.I do understand though if the bird is in fact female that taming can be harder due to hormonal changes and such which can slow down the process of taming.
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Re: Tame? - 08/13/13 10:12 PM

hormonal changes everything with both sexes...and a female doesn't have to be going thru it to be more difficult...and I knew what you meant about the bars on the head its just that you said MOSTLY gone...

ok thing with perch or HAND training is you don't advance the perch or your hand to the bird right away...

you just rest it on a perch she is on and leave it without moving for several days of training then only slowly advance a bit closer not right up to the bird even then...

eventually the bird will let you touch her gently with your hand or perch an that's when you say ...up or step up...but its not by chasing the bird down and getting it exhausted...

all this takes weeks...not days...never force the bird...

now when she or he gets out you don't take the cage to the bird you would take the perch you will buy to the bird and get low to the bird not towering above it...and say UP when you bring the perch to the bird...

then very slowly raise it and you and walk very slowly to where the bird will see the cage and she will then fly to it...

this is why long perch training is more important at first instead of hand training in case a bird gets high on curtains or ceiling lights or escapes you wont be able to reach up with your hand...perch training and solid perch training is very important in this way.

try to get some pictures uploaded to photobucket... smile

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Re: Tame? - 08/14/13 06:28 AM

Thank you so much for the helpful advice. Cappy is so pretty I love the light blue on his chest smile
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Re: Tame? - 08/14/13 12:51 PM

you are quite welcome ...and welcome to the forum...also thanks for the comment about cappy...he also has blue on his back and by his vent...he is whats called a clear blue opaline... Australian banded pied...
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Re: Tame? - 08/14/13 03:12 PM

oh one more thing...I hope your vet is a certified AVIAN vet as other vets have very minimal training background in avian vet deal exclusively with birds and their issues.
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